Circular Saw to Table Saw Conversion Kit

A table saw is one of those machines that every woodworker would like to have. But, even the simplest contractor table saw can be a bit pricey, and a good cabinet saw is very expensive and very heavy. That is why more and more people are looking for a circular saw to table saw conversion kit (rather than purchasing one).

The most common way to make your own table saw is to repurpose your old circular saw. The basic idea is to attach it to the table in such a way that the saw blade is protruding from the table surface; making this simple modification will give you the precision cuts you couldn’t get before.

There are many guides available for this conversion process. Some will be fairly simple, while others will demand you to have a good knowledge of woodworking. This conversion kit is designed for everyone to use.


To achieve this conversion, you will need the following things:

  • Power tool accessory table or a homemade table
  • Circular saw
  • Extension cord with a foot-controlled power switch
  • One 1” x 2” guide board, which is the same length as the table
  • Two wood clamps
  • Push stick

And, of course, before you begin this process, make sure you have safety goggles.

Conversion Process

As the basis for your table saw, your table should have a rectangular slot cut in it that is 8” long and ¾” wide. You will need this to accommodate the circular saw blade and guard. Make sure that any table you plan on using is stable and wide enough to accept the material you want to cut.

Place the circular saw on the underside of the table so the blade can pass through the slot. On the upper side of the table, you should see your blade, and we recommend that you install a guard.

Then, you need to secure the saw with the brackets if they are available with your table. If not, use the wood screws to secure it. Make sure the screws do not penetrate the upper surface of your table because this will hinder your work.

Before plugging in the saw, make sure to properly set up the extension cord and the foot-controlled switch. This will ensure that you can easily turn the saw on and off. Plus, it is an excellent safety feature if you need to quickly turn off the saw.

Practical Example

Using a practical example, we will explain how cutting works with this home-made table saw.

Let’s say you want to make a board that is 8” wide. You will first need to measure 8” from the blade on the left side of the table. Make sure you face the saw blade from the foot of the table.

Then, make two marks at the 8” measuring point—one at the front of the blade and the other at the rear. These parallel marks will help you to guide your board properly.

circular saw to table saw conversion kit

Finally, place the guide board in line with those two marks and clamp it at each end of the table. Now you can start the saw and slide the board you are cutting along the guide into the blade.

Slowly guide the board through the saw up to the last 12”. For safety reasons, use a push stick to finish pushing the board through the saw.

Congratulations! You have just used your own table saw for the first time.

What do you get from this circular saw to table saw conversion kit?

This conversion kit helps you in setting up your own table saw. You will be able to do this with minimum investment and without too much hassle. After the conversion, you will be able to complete the simple cutting tasks that require precision.

If you want to improve upon this basic setup, there are a lot of table saw accessories for you to choose. We recommend installing a good fence system that will help you to consistently get straight and accurate cuts.

But, most of all, upgrade it with some safety features. For starters, we recommend getting anti-kickback pawls as well as a good splitter.


Table saws are excellent tools and every woodworker expert will tell you that. They are designed to cut quickly and with great precision. To increase their versatility, woodworking companies have developed many accessories.

Simple home-made table saws such as this one lack many of those features. They don’t have a specialized motor, rely solely on the circular saw, and they lack the option to tilt and set the height of the blade. These are just a few of the drawbacks.

However, for simple jobs that don’t require absolute precision or that only require speed, the table saw you make using this circular saw to table saw conversion kit will work just fine. They are easy to make, much more affordable, and they make your cutting more efficient.

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