How to Change Miter Saw Blade

When you look at a miter saw for the first time, it is easy to think that the process of changing the blade may be difficult. In reality, it is not that difficult but you still have to know how to change miter saw blade before it can become easy.

Knowledge is not the only thing you will need to have, you will also require a bit of some patience. When you buy your new miter saw, it will come with an owner’s manual which would usually give you directions about what kind of blade is compatible with your power saw.

Always remember that in order to produce great work, you will need to ensure that the blade on your miter saw is at its best condition. So when do you change the blade? You do so when you start to notice an increase in burn marks.

If you also see that there are high incidences of chipping on your material, your blade now needs to be replaced. The process should take just a few minutes using a few tools.

Safety First

This may sound like an obvious thing to say but we have to say it; ensure that the miter saw is disconnected from the power source before you start replacing the blade.

Still, check that the saw is off by squeezing the power button a few time. Now you are a hundred percent sure that your tool is off, you can start replacing the blade.

Step 1: Remove the blade guard by

  • Look for the screws that hold the protective cover to the saw chassis. These screws have to be loosened and removed before you move the guard up.

Step 2: Remove the blade by

  • Using an Allan wrench to turn the blade in the clockwise direction. Do this until it is loose enough
  • The blade has a washer on the outside and will need to be removed too; there will also be another washer on the inside which does not have to be removed. So leave it right where it is

Step 3: Time to replace the blade

The owner’s manual will give you guidance on this process. The reason why you need to take care here is that if done wrongly, you could end up making a mistake that will require you to end up having to buy a new blade.

While the manufacturers will tell you which blade is compatible with your miter saw and also give you clear instructions on this, we have put together a general process that will work with many of these tools.

  • Remember to wear the right protective equipment in the form of protective gloves
  • This is the time to oil the inner and outer washers on the blade. This ensures that the saw has the right amount of lubrication and makes the blade function smoothly
  • The teeth of the blade should be facing down when you install the blade, always remember that any mistakes made while doing this step can lead to injury later when the blade is being used
  • You will know that your blade is gripping successfully when you see the lock button back at the place where it was when you started the process
  • Remember to replace the outer washer back just the way it was when you started and then tighten it with the hand
  • Fasten the bolt using the Allen wrench, ensure that the bolt is tight enough because if it is not, there could be danger when you start using the tool
  • Always remember to put back the blade guard, you will have to ensure that the blade is adequately covered just the way the last one was

We cannot emphasize enough the need to observe safety when replacing your miter saw blade as this can be a very dangerous process. Take no shortcuts and do not assume anything.

Ensure that you are the one who has switched the machine off. As you take out each component, ensure that the different parts are secured so that when you need them you can find them. Write them down if need be.

The last thing you want is to start looking for a screw or washer and not being able to find it. This may waste your time and end up tempting you to reassemble your saw in a dangerous way. Remember to refer to your owner’s manual always.

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