What Are Miter Saw Used For

If you are a home improvement fanatic, the question what are miter saw used for has probably crossed your mind once or twice. This is a question that comes from an inquiry into whether a miter saw is something that one should buy or not.

We certainly think that this is one of the most important tools that is often overlooked by those who want to do their own DIY. In order to know whether this is something you should have or not, you certainly need to know what it is used for. Then you can decide if you have any use for it.

Different types of miter saws have different uses. You will get basic ones for beginners and those who use them occasionally. Then you will get the mid-range ones that can do a lot more but come at an affordable price.

We certainly think that the top of the range miter saw that has all the bells and whistles is certainly for those whose idea is to do more serious work. These are possibly people who make a living from using this tool.

Uses of the basic Miter Saw

The basic miter saw is not designed to do a lot. All it will do is your basic up-and-down cutting using a straight blade.

In order to make a cut using this type of miter saw, you can always swivel the base at the angle which you want the cut to be. This is the cheapest saw that you will get in the market. It is generally designed for beginners or those who want to do the most basic work using these tools.

Improvements in the market have generally made this type of miter saw quite redundant. Many people would rather prefer the next level of miter saw which is the compound saw.

Uses of the Compound Miter Saw

The compound miter saw will do all the work that can be done by your basic saw. However, there is an added feature on this one as you can tilt the blade for it to cut at your desired angle.

You do not have to play around with the workpiece to get the angle you want even though you can still swivel the base. This miter saw cuts what is known as bevel cuts.

If your idea is to do such jobs as installing crown molding, then you will certainly need the compound miter saw. It works well with all those jobs where you have to set both the bevel and miter angle.

Uses of A Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This is the top of range miter saw for someone looking for a tool that can cut bigger pieces of lumber. As you will notice, the two types we discussed earlier have a limitation on the size of wood they can cut because the blade can only do so much.

With this kind of miter saw, it is not the blade that limits the wood that you can cut but rather the length of the track where you can slide it.

Using A Miter Saw

Now that you have an idea of what a miter saw is used for, let’s end this article by discussing how to use one. If you have never used one before, ensure that you follow all the safety instructions that come with your brand new tool.

Also, be prepared for a bit of drama when you strike the ON button for the first time. This is common while your blade gets to the right speed.

Before you start cutting, give the blade sometime to get to its top speed. As you cut into your wood, ensure that you do so gently until your cut is complete.

Once you have finished cutting, release the switch before you bring the blade up so that it comes to a complete standstill. Always remember to keep the workpiece properly clamped as long as the blade is still turning.

Using your miter saw will get better with time and practice. You may realize that in the beginning, you struggle to align the mark where you want to cut with the blade. In the beginning, you may want to cut a little beyond the line so that you do not end up messing your workpiece.

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