Woodtek Table Saw Review

The table saw is one of the most important tools in the woodworking business. Using one will enable you to saw wood quickly and with great precision. Many companies specialize in making this tool and our Woodtek table saw review covers some of the better table saws on the market.

Woodtek is a company dedicated to manufacturing all sorts of woodworking machines and accessories. They strive to offer great quality products at affordable prices.

Keep in mind that the company name is spelled Woodtek, not Woodtec or Woodtech. People sometimes have a problem finding the products of this company because its name has a peculiar spelling.

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Woodtek 10-inch, 2hp Hybrid Saw

The Woodtek Hybrid table saw is lighter than a cabinet saw, but it is better at dust collection. Motor specifications for this table saw are two hp, 115/230 V, in a one-phase motor. The diameter of the saw blade is 10”.

With its added wings, the work surface of this table offers plenty of space. Both are made from cast iron, with a smooth fit and finish. Woodtek has placed a built-in tripod caster system so you can easily set up this table saw.

This table saw uses a T-Square fence system. The T-Square offers you a lot of versatility and is easy to use.

When it comes to safety, Woodtek wanted to equip this table saw with some useful safety features. First of all, it has a rail-mounted switch that can be activated with the large paddle. This means that in an emergency, you can shut off the saw in a second.

Secondly, instead of a splitter, this table saw uses the riving knife, equipped with a see-through blade guard. The riving knife has several advantages over the splitter. It offers you extra protection, makes the blade more effective, and it won’t interfere with other blade guards and dust collectors.

Dust is not a problem when working with this table saw. Its fully enclosed cabinet provides the efficient dust control, and the euro-style dust shroud catches dust right off the blade. Let’s not forget the duplex dust port that gathers dust from the blade shroud and cabinet.

The Woodtek 10-inch hybrid saw comes with either a 30” or 52” rip capacity. They are identical, the only difference is that the 52” one includes the table board. They both have a left-tilted blade.

The one with a 30” rip capacity has a net weight of 225 lbs., and a shipping weight of 261 lbs. The one with the 52” rip capacity has a net weight of 295 lbs., and a shipping weight of 350 lbs. The warranty for both of them lasts for one year and it extends to workmanship and parts.

Woodtek Table Saw Review: 10-inch, 3hp Cabinet 

This is the smallest cabinet saw from Woodtek. For this one, Woodtek decided to use the motor with following specifications: 3 hp, 220V, and again, in a one-phase motor. The diameter of the saw blade is 10”. Wings and table surface are made from removable cast iron.

This table saw uses a Biesemeyer fence system. The Biesemeyer is a gold-standard saw fence and it will ensure that you repeatedly get straight and accurate cuts. Included with this fence are adjustable scales, magnification glass, extruded aluminum faces, and front and back rails.

This cabinet saw uses standard or dado inserts. They can be leveled using the screws. Tilt and height of the saw blade are controlled with locking hand wheels.

For this cabinet saw, Woodtek has included some useful features. This 10” table saw has anti-kickback pawls, splitter, and see-through blade guard. It also comes with a very useful miter gauge to help you with precision.

Also included are one long and one short arbor, two arbor nuts, and two blade stabilizers. You will also receive wrenches and instructions for removing saw blades.

The Woodtek 10” cabinet saw has a net weight of 407 lbs., while the shipping weight is 495 lbs. This one also comes with one-year warranty.

Woodtek 12-inch, 5hp Cabinet Table Saw Review

For this Woodtek table saw review we take a look a larger cabinet saw and see how you can use its size to your advantage. Its large weight is good for minimizing vibration and improving accuracy in your work. Woodtek chose a motor with following specifications: 5 hp, 220V, and you can choose between a one and a three-phase motor. The diameter of the saw blade is 12”.

Table surface and wings are made from cast iron, and they offer a plenty of workspace. Because the table and wings are well built, you won’t have to deal with too much vibration. Also, your saw blade will receive a lot of power through the V-belt drive.

This table saw also uses a Biesemeyer fence system and comes with several accessories, including extruded aluminum faces, adjustable scales, front and back rails, and a magnification glass.

As for the table inserts, this table can use standard or dado inserts. Both of them can be leveled using the screws. The blade’s tilt and height are controlled with locking hand wheels.

To increase your safety, Woodtek has provided several things with this table saw. This 12” table saw comes with an anti-kickback pawls, splitter, and see-through blade guard. Wrenches and instructions for removing the saw blades are also included.

The Woodtek 12-inch cabinet saw comes in two forms—with a right- or with a left-tilted blade. For both forms, net weight is 537 lbs., while the shipping weight (includes fence and rails) is 598 lbs. Both of them have a 1-year warranty.


Our Woodtek table saw review covers all the table saws this company offers. Their products are reliable, don’t cost too much, and you will be able to do most of your woodworking projects without any problems.

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