Ryobi Table Saw Accessories [What are your Options?]

Ryobi is one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers of power tools and outdoor systems, including top of the line table saws. They each come with a set of accessories. Today, we are reviewing top six Ryobi table saw accessories. Check here for more table saw options and reviews.

Drivers like to customize their cars and take care of them. Movie fans like to own all the latest in-home cinema entertainment. Musicians like to own the best recording and gig gear. DIY enthusiasts like their workshop full of swanky power tools. Each to their own, as they say.

Whether a DIYer or a professional, you might have a home/professional workshop. It’s almost a certainty that you’ll have a table saw. As a skilled professional, you would like to know all the accessories you can get that could possibly save you time or make your work more efficient. You’d be looking at which accessories are available for your table saw.

Ryobi Table Saw Accessories

Ryobi has a couple of table saw models with their own stands. They both come fully loaded. It’s good to know though that you can add some accessories or get replacement parts if needed. Replacement parts for some of the older table saw models no longer on sale are also still available.

Ryobi BTS16 10" Table Saw Replacement Dust Bag (2 Pack)

Like with a vacuum cleaner, it’s always a clever idea to swap the vacuum bag for a new one occasionally. After a lot of use, they get worn. The same applies to table saws and their dust collection systems. The sawdust and chips from varied materials end up in these dust bags. The item-specifications are as follows:

  • Ryobi Genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part # 089110109015
  • Includes: Ryobi BTS16 10" Table Saw Replacement Dust Bag x 2
  • Works with Ryobi tools
  • New, bulk-packed
  • Compatible with most older BTS table say models

Having a spare dust bag is essential which is why these could be considered the most helpful ryobi table saw accessories. They do a decent job of collecting up to 50% of the dust, especially the larger particles. A vacuum cleaner speedily removes the smaller particles. The 2-pack of dust bags is worth buying as a ready to go replacement.

Ryobi BTS16 10" Table Saw Replacement Rip Fence Assembly (2 Pack)

After years of service, many parts, including the external ones, get damaged, whether from wear or contact with various materials and tools. Yes, and people. The table fence is an integral part of the cutting process. A lot of workpieces slide along its sides during their life cycle. Here are the specs:

  • Genuine OEM replacement part # 089110109700
  • 2-pack

Weighing 32 pounds each, they are not really something you would want to move around the workshop a lot.

Ryobi 969188001 Table Saw Miter Fence

Every table saw comes with a miter gauge, but they are almost always too narrow. A miter fence helps with accuracy, safety, and quality of the cutting process. By attaching a miter fence onto the miter gauge, you increase the area of support for different workpieces, especially the longer ones. Here are the product specifications:

  • Miter fence is used on a table saw
  • This part fits model number BT3000
  • It’s suitable for multiple Craftsman and Ryobi models
  • 3” long, 3” wide, and 3” high
  • Package weight of this item is 3 lbs.

This is a no-brainer. It’s a great accessory to have on your table saw. It will make working on it much easier.

Ryobi BTS16 Table Saw Miter Gauge Assembly (2 Pack)

A miter gauge is that device on the table saw which positions the workpieces at the chosen cutting angle on the table saw. It has predrilled adapter holes for you to attach a miter fence. This will help with the guiding of workpieces as it provides more support for longer pieces. The specifications of this item are:

  • Genuine OEM replacement part # 089110109701
  • What's included: (2-pack) miter gauge assembly # 089110109701
  • This part replaces obsolete part # A121010801.
  • New, bulk-packaged
  • Compatible with the following models: Ryobi BTS16 10" table saw, Craftsman 315218050 table saw

Like any other precision instrument, a miter gauge will need to be recalibrated as it gets older. This is one more reason why having a spare miter gauge assembly is worth considering.

Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw Replacement V Belt (2-PACK)

The V-belt reduces the vibrations a table saw makes during the cutting process. It’s been known to wear down and break. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a replacement ready. Here are the specifications:

  • Includes (2-pack) genuine replacement # 662329001 V-belt
  • New, bulk packed
  • Buy in bulk and save
  • Compatible with Ryobi BT3000 10″ table saw, BT3100 10″ Precision woodcutting table saw, BT3100-1 10″ table saw

Be careful when you install them as they are notoriously hard to install. Patiently roll it on a little at a time, and you’ll get there. They need to be really tight to work.

Ryobi RTS21 Table Saw (2 Pack) Replacement Miter Gauge Assembly

Like the previously described miter gauge, this model doesn’t do a complete job on its own. It has predrilled adapter holes for you to attach a miter fence. This will help when guiding workpieces as it provides more support for longer pieces. The specifications of this item are:

  • Includes: (2-pack) - Miter gauge assembly # 089037011712
  • Works with Ryobi
  • Genuine OEM replacement part
  • New, OEM bulk-packaged
  • Compatible with Ryobi RTS21 10 in. table saw

Most of these miter gauges are not very accurate in terms of the marks on the gauge, or the "click stops" (if they have any).

Other Top Ryobi Table Saw Accessories

You can also buy an 8-piece Ryobi table saw accessories pack for use with the BT3000 and BT3100. The following goodies are included in the pack:

  • 1 set of castors – when installed, they make your table portable
  • 1 dust bag
  • 1 dado throat plate
  • 2 zero clearance throat plates
  • 1 miter clamping kit—secures workpieces against the table and fence
  • 1 router mounting kit—allows you to mount an inverted router under the table
  • 1 miter slot table
  • All mounting hardware

As advances in technology are ongoing, new Ryobi table saw models might have some top Ryobi table saw accessories you can use on your early model table saw. Why not check with the manufacturer and upgrade your table saw if any of the advancements are compatible. You can always consult an expert carpenter to recommend some accessories. We hope you’ve found this article informative.

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