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Portable saw stands are very useful when working with miter saws. There are plenty of options if you are looking to simply purchase one.The nature of woodwork projects always vary with different woodworkers. For this reason, using portable table saw stand plans to construct your own stand can be the best (and most affordable) option as projects vary in magnitude.

In this case, it is necessary to match the saw stand you are trying to construct with the underlying tasks you intend to perform. For instance, you do not come up with a table saw stand plan that weighs 100 pounds if you are a regular contractor who often travels to homes to perform your woodwork tasks.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Portable Table Saw Stand Plans

Designing your own portable table saw stand will save you time and money based on the following reasons;

The type of saw needed for your woodwork project depends on what you actually do. It depends on your working hours, the amount of space you work with, and your budget.

1. For cases where you only spend few hours in your workshop, making your own table with a simple DIY project gives you an option of designing specifically what you need. For instance, a simple craft and cabinetry projects may not need a complicated commercial cabinet saw stand as this might be more than you need.

2. Purchasing a commercial saw may be a very big and serious investment. For this reason, you need to be careful with this consideration. You may not have a chance to “test drive” for every single table that is available on the market. However, making your own gives you an option of going through the detailed list and reviews offered at commercial outlets. With these specifications, you can compare the various table saw stands and what they are able to do. The information can help you come up with something unique that is able to multitask and handle many woodworking projects within your local workshop.

3. Durability is a critical factor when it comes to portable saw stands. With a DIY project, you are flexible to choose the type of materials of your stand. You can use hardwood materials and special steel nails for a longer lasting service. Most manufactured table saw stands may not stand difficult woodworking projects as the ones made from recycled materials.

Various table saw plans exist basing on your needs. A simple DIY project with the use of simple tools would help you design the following plans:

The Wooden Table Saw Bench

You can easily complete this project with simple tools, little wood, and a few other materials needed for construction.

Materials Needed

  • Miter Saw
  • Hand Saw
  • Circular Saw
  • Wood
  • Drill
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Plywood

Build Support Boxes

You first need to construct the support structure for the box that will be positioned underneath the saw table. Cut wood to the required length for the box structure with the use of a miter saw. 4 long support ends of the box and 2 other supports at the center for reinforcement will be needed.

Build the Saw Table

Use a piece of 2 by 4 spacer to align the support boxes developed in the previous step. Place plywood over the support boxes and secure it by driving screws using a screw driver on side of the support. Once the plywood is well secured, remove the 2 by 4 space and place the table assembly generated to the side to build the legs to the portable saw table.

Connect the Legs of the Stand

You will need to cut additional pieces of the wood in order to create the table legs for your portable saw stand. The legs should be approximately 36 to 40 inches in length. It is advisable to use treated wood for stands for a longer lasting service.

portable table saw stand plans

With the legs well cut out, set a cross brace in position to provide enough stability. With the structure well secured in place, bolt tightly the saw to the table.

Great Furniture References

The website displays a gallery collection of portable saw stands discovered based on research. The tables in this gallery are generally designed to be easy to carry when working. They are a perfect choice for wood workers who have to engage in carpentry works for long hours delivering full time tasks. Portable table saws are designed to serve the same basic function just like larger table saws.

For most commercial table stand saw, the hefty induction motor is replaced with a lightweight universal motor. Due to this customization, the system tends to be somehow shorter on muscle and slightly loud when in operation. Another concession to aid in portability of the portability saw stand is the use of aluminum top that is extremely light and the universal motor that has less torque.

The recent improvements made in recent years to supplement onsite jobs have made this type of table saw stands so convenient for most carpentry tasks.

Another type of portable saws are the contractor saws that were originally set to be portable enough for woodworkers to haul from one job site to another. These types of stands make a few concessions in terms of portability and affordability. Even though most contractor saws have been designed with cast iron table top that is strong and solid, availability of extension wings may be twisted to be open webbed or stamped metal.

The gearing, arbor, and trunnions assembly of the saw are literally less husky than the ones found on most commercial saws.

In general, a fully customized table saw stand will offer services based on the needs of the user. You can shop around your local hardware shop to look at the various stands and designs that are in stock. With such designs, you can easily come up with a unique taste that is able to complete your sawing tasks. When coming up with portable table saw stand plans online YouTube tutorials can come handy in giving you directions on how you can create your own stand in simple steps as described above.

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