Scroll Saw vs Jigsaw [The Right Choice for your Woodworking Projects]

When it comes to the world of power tools, the sheer amount of them can get overwhelming. That goes for whether you’re experienced with them or if you’re a newbie. Just because something has a similar name though, doesn’t mean you can make the mistake of confusing the two. In our Scroll Saw vs Jigsaw breakdown we will guide you to to make the right decision.

The scroll saw and the jigsaw both have the word saw in the name and the blades look awfully similar. Both can be used for quite similar cuts but the scroll saw is stationary and the jigsaw is a handheld saw.

So, what are some of the other differences between the two? And why do you need to know these differences? To be blunt, knowing the difference could end up determining the level of detail in whatever project you’re working on. This knowledge will hopefully lead you in the right direction to finding the optimal jigsaw or best scroll saw for your projects.

Before fully entering into the scroll saw vs jigsaw debate, we’ve compared the two to establish their similarities and differences. Read on to learn more about them and make your own decision as to which tool you need more in your life.

The Scroll Saw

When considering scroll saw or jigsaw, it’s obvious that you need to break down what each product is. We’ll start with the scroll saw. This is a saw that uses a very fine blade. It’s that fine blade that allows it to perform such intricate work when cutting wood.

scroll saw vs jigsaw comparison

It’s a freehand saw, which is used to make cuts that are very precise and distinguished. ‘Delicate’ is probably the best word to describe the pieces that this saw creates. For that reason, it’s not a saw that many construction workers are reaching for.

This is more of a home project, décor style of a tool. It’s used for cutting through light materials, rather than bulkier timbers or frames.

The Jigsaw

On the other end of the discussion, you have the jigsaw. This is quite a common saw and gets a lot of attention in the world of tools. You may also know it as a sabre saw. While the scroll saw is a stationary tool, the jigsaw is a handheld tool. This is immediately the biggest different between the both of them.

using a jigsaw vs scroll saw

Tt’s also easy to use. This makes it ideal for anyone who is just beginning to use power saws. It also makes it highly recommended by most hardware stores to new woodworkers, as they know people can handle it without too much power tool experience.

It’s a power tool that is both electrically motored and handheld. With the power and freedom that comes from those two things, this makes it a good tool for cutting out detail in wood and other materials. It comes with two main blade types, and it’s those blades that will determine the quality of the work you produce.

Same, Same

From the descriptions above, the two saws come across as being very similar. While they do have a few differences, they have many things in common as well. That’s not just including the word ‘saw’ in their names.

Both are designed to cater to the artistic side of woodwork. They can create things that show detail and decoration, and steer woodwork away from the bulky stereotype that it’s had over the years.

Whether you’re a pro or amateur woodworker, these saws can be of exceptional use to you. They don’t require a thousand-page manual or a 2year masterclass. They can be picked up and used around the home or workshop quite easily which makes them very appealing to a lot of people.

The power options are similar too. By that we mean both have a corded and cordless option available. As with any cordless option though, it’s important to remember that they’ll have limited power and your use of them is limited to the battery life.

Scroll Saw vs Jigsaw: The Main Differences to Consider

Beyond the Jigsaw being a handheld saw and the scroll saw being a stationary saw there aren’t many differences. They can be used for similar jobs but there are some other subtler differences as well which may help you in determining who wins out of the scroll saw vs jigsaw issue.

The blades they use is one of the differences. It’s the blades that determine what you can and can’t do with them as power tools. It’s what you can’t do that really stands out here, especially when considering the scroll saw.

The scroll saw has a smaller blade that limits what you can use it on, even though the whole assembly is much bigger than a jigsaw. Essentially, you’ll need to stick to smaller materials to make cuts with this saw. If you go for anything large or bulky you risk snapping its blade.

It’s this smaller blade though that makes the scroll saw so precise. Its also what limits the precision in a jigsaw. With the blade of a jigsaw being that little bit bigger and more durable, you lose a certain level of intricacy with it.

In Conclusion

To put it simply, when it comes to scroll saw vs jigsaw, both are able to give you a level of detail that you won’t get in a handsaw. Both are capable of creating something intricate, curved and quite unique. It’s the level of detail you require that should determine which one you go with though.

If you are creating signs for a house or the edges of a furniture piece, the jigsaw would be your best bet. However, if you’re working on something more delicate then the scroll saw is what you’re after. By delicate, we mean details that could almost be considered minute. Think jewelry boxes or fancy décor.

Both are good power tools though. With them also being quite easy to use, they’d be a successful purchase for any handyman out there, regardless of if you’re on the amateur or professional end of things.

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