What is a Jigsaw Used For: Making the Most Out of This Tool

A power tool is a machine that is part of every DIYer, contractor or handyman’s tool because it is used to make each job easier. It is electrically powered or battery operated and it could either be portable or handheld. There are many types of power tools, and one of them is the jigsaw. If you are wondering what is a jigsaw used for, as the name implies, it is a tool that is also designed for cutting. If you already know you need one, check out our list of the best jigsaws on the market: https://perfectcutsandmiters.com/jigsaw/best-jigsaw

What is more interesting about this tool is that the inspiration for developing this power tool came from a sewing machine. As an overview, the very first jigsaw was produced when Albert Kaufmann attached a saw blade to his wife’s sewing machine, and he was able to use it to cut wood with intricate curves. As such, in 1947, Scintilla AG, the company he works for, industrially produced the very first electric jigsaw which they called, the “Lesto Jigsaw.”

Bosch then acquired Scintilla in 1954 and replaced the name “Lesto” with their own brand name in 1964. They also made the jigsaw adjustable in 1966 and 1989, a tool-less replacement device was added. At present, different brands manufacture jigsaws, but the ones from Bosch are still the most popular ones. With that in mind, jigsaws are now designed to be utilized in so many handy tasks.

What is a Jigsaw Used For?

A jigsaw is one of the power tools that even a beginner can use it easily. It is a versatile tool as well so it can be used to cut various materials other than wood. The following are the uses of this awesome power tool.

Cutting wood
As mentioned, a jigsaw is used to cut wood, but this tool is more specialized because it’s what most craftsmen or handymen use to cut curves on wood. So, if you have drawn a design on a piece of wood that have different shapes and curves, a jigsaw will be able to assist you in making that come to life.

Cutting countertops
Like we have mentioned, a jigsaw can cut various materials, and one of those is a countertop. A jigsaw is used to cut through a countertop so that you can install a sink. Also, because a jigsaw comes with different types of blades, this power tool will be able to cut even the sharpest of curves needed to install a sink properly.

Carve a Pumpkin
Carving a pumpkin for the Halloween can be tedious when you do it by hand but using a jigsaw will make the job easier. This is the perfect tool to use in making Jack O’ Lantern faces in a pumpkin. Plus, the kids will totally love you because you will look like an expert while carving through those pumpkins.

Cutting Ceramic Tiles
Another material that a jigsaw can cut is ceramic tile, and to do that, you would need to use the carbide-grit ceramic blade. However, cutting a tile using a jigsaw is a very delicate process. Hence, you need to lubricate what you are working on with water, and you must clamp the tile so that breakage will be minimized.

Cutting Metal Sheets
If you love making designs using metal sheets, a jigsaw is going to be your best friend. With the use of a fine blade, you will be able to cut complicated designs and patterns on a metal sheet. An important note, though, you need to clamp the metal sheet between thin pieces of plywood so that you can cut your design properly.

what is a jigsaw used for

Make Bevel Cuts
Another great function of a jigsaw is its ability to cut at an angle. That is because most jigsaws can be tilted up to 45 degrees. A jigsaw will make the job quicker and easier which is going to take a while if you use a regular saw.

Making Flush Cuts
With the use of a flush cut blade, making holes on cabinets, drywall and backsplash will be a breeze. Using this specialized blade, although sold separately, together with the jigsaw, will allow you to cut through any vertical surface.

Cutting Concrete
Jigsaws also has a specialized blade that will allow you to cut concrete; however, not all types of concrete can be cut with this. You can only use jigsaws to cut fiber cement and porous concrete.

Cutting Soft Materials
Although unconventional, a jigsaw actually has a blade that will allow you to cut soft materials such as carpets. Aside from that, you can also use this to cut cardboard and leather, and the cut will be more precise rather than a regular utility knife.

Safety Tips for Using a Jigsaw

● Although a jigsaw is a fairly safe tool to use, it is still best to wear safety goggles and gloves while cutting materials. You also need to use earplugs to protect your ears from the noise of this tool.

● Always use the specialized blade for the material you will cut because when it comes to jigsaws, one blade does not fit all.

● To make sure that you only produce precise cuts, always clamp the material that you need to cut.

Final Words

Now that you know what is a jigsaw used for, you will understand that this is must in every woodworker’s workshop because it is extremely versatile. You can use this to cut almost any type of material, and out of the box, this power tool can be used right away because it is very straightforward. In addition, you have tons of options when you go to a hardware store because a lot of brands manufacture this power tool.

Make the most out of the jigsaw by using it on all of your projects where you need to cut curves and shapes, but as we have mentioned, make sure to use the appropriate blade for your safety. This is also to ensure that you only make the most precise cuts. Finally, like with any type of tool, store your jigsaw properly so that you can use it for a very long time. After all, this power tool, including its blades, do not come cheap.

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