Craftsman 10″ Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Among the various work tools that serve craftsmen and artists best, the miter saw is one to reckon with (other options can be found here: Before now, getting work done could be so cumbersome and exhausting due to the crude equipment we use. Thanks for the revolution in the technology world that has turned this around.

A miter saw is a device that is used in woodwork and construction for cutting, and it is a must-have tool for craftsmen and other woodwork lovers if they truly want to make life easy for themselves. Aside making cutting faster and easier, it gives you the accurate cuts needed to help construct a standard structure.

Buying a miter saw could be a daunting task because there are variety of models available for purchase. Without getting the right information from the right source, you could buy amiss, which will be a waste of resources.

To help you narrow down your search, we carried out a research on the best miter saws available, and we discovered that the Craftsman single-bevel sliding compound miter saw has exciting qualities to serve you better. The review of this product is given below.


The Craftsman miter saw offers a smooth and excellent job when it comes to wood cutting. With spin of 4,800 RPM and a drive motor of 15 Amp, it cuts through tough wood seamlessly. Its lightweight and portability makes it ideal for use in different worksites.

The laser marker allows for high precision level. This device is versatile, and its flexibility makes it easily adjustable. Below are other features of this machine

  • Weight: 45.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37″ x 18.9″ x 16.1″
  • Comes with 60 teeth carbide and 10″ saw blade for more bite
  • 15 Amp high torque drive motor
  • 0o to 50 o adjustable positive stops for high precision
  • Telescoping aluminum extension for additional support
  • Has a high cutting capacity to cut through thick materials
  • Other components: blade, blade wrench, dust bag, clamps & extensions
  • Comes with an instruction manual for better understanding


  • it is lightweight and convenient to move from one job site to another location
  • it can cut through thick piece of wood
  • it has a compact design
  • it’s worth every penny spent on it
  • it is made of high quality materials


  • the laser guide is not so clear to read
  • you have to properly align the miter saw to get a perfect cut


The Craftsman single bevel miter saw is undoubtedly one of the most effective and efficient saw to buy. When you buy this device, you can be sure of making the right investment because you will enjoy every bit of it. As a woodworker, it is reasonable to have this tool in your workshop.

With a 15 Amp motor that spins at 4,800 RPM, this saw is capable of penetrating hard wood effortlessly. It has a well-built design, and its lightweight and portability make it convenient to use.


When it comes to buying items that has many alternatives, it is wise to make comparisons before making your choice.

Through this medium, you get to understand the features of the different products, and you go for the one that best meet your needs. For the case of miter saw, a comparison between the Craftsman miter saw and two other models is given below.

DEWALT DWS779 12-Inch sliding compound miter saw

This is a super duper cutting machine that’s ideal for both home and work use. It has a 15-Amp drive motor that spins at 3,800 RPM. It can cut through thick wood faster, and it has a dust collector that collects most of the dust generated during usage. It is comfortable to handle, and it comes with 3 years limited warranty.

When compared to Craftsman miter saw, it’s a bit heavier in weight, and not so sturdy.

Hitachi C10FCH2 single bevel compound miter saw

This is another powerful miter saw that offers unique services. It has great cutting capacity and cab be adjusted for better results. The positive stops are flexible enough to give you the perfect and accurate cuts you want. Aside the fact that the laser is not very accurate and it has a small work space, it is not bad to own.


Above are three different brands of miter saw that are highly sort after. They render amazing services that make them stand out. They can penetrate thick lumber, and they are easy to use.

From the comparison, it is seen that the Craftsman single bevel sliding compound miter saw slight beat the other two. The design is exclusive, it is sturdy and more comfortable to use, and it is lightweight.  It definitely worth the price tag.

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