Makita Track Saw Accessories

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Makita is a world-famous manufacturer of power tools. They offer a wide range of products, from power drills to track saws. In our review, we will cover several of the Makita track saw accessories.

The track saw, or a plunge saw, is a power tool, very similar to a circular saw. But, unlike the circular saw, it is much more adept at making precise and smooth cuts. Even with an excellent circular saw it can be difficult to maintain a straight cut line freehand. To make this type of cut the right way you should use a track saw in conjunction with a “track” or “guide.”

Track saws also use many other accessories. They are necessary to improve the safety and versatility of a track saw. Makita has recognized this, and they have made some very useful track saw accessories.

55-Inch Guide Rail - Makita 194368-5

The Makita 194368-5 is a 55” guide rail designed for use with Makita plunge saw. Woodworkers can only use it with the Makita track saw model SP6000K. Be careful not to use it with any other Makita track saw, even though their website claims otherwise. There are reports that other Makita track saws won’t work with this guide rail.

This rail guides the saw down the intended path, making sure the cuts are straight and smooth. It can also be used for bevel cutting. Use this guide rail with sheet material (e.g. plywood), to achieve the best results.

Wondering How to Connect these Makita Track Saw Rails? Check out this video:


  • Suitable for use with a router, but you need an adapter
  • Excels at ripping sheet material
  • Suitable for bevel cutting
best makita track saw accessories on the market


  • There are reports that it is often delivered not totally flat or straight
  • Website is not updated regarding compatibility issues

Guide Rail Connector Kit - Makita P-45777

The Makita P-45777 connector kit is designed to join guide rails together so you can make longer cuts while maintaining the accuracy. These join the Makita 194368-5, 55-Inch guide rails. This kit will also work with guide rails from some other brands.

Makita recommends buying two kits instead of just one. Two kits will then facilitate the best possible alignment between two rails. Other brands offer similar solutions at a more affordable price.


  • Suitable for use with other brands
  • Durable steel construction


  • No instructions, so it can be tricky to align two tracks properly
  • For best results, you need two kits instead of just one

118-Inch Guide Rail - Makita 194367-7

The Makita 194367-7 is a 118” guide rail is to be used in conjunction with Makita plunge saw, to be specific, with the Makita SP6000K and SP6000K1 track saws. If you know that you will often make cuts longer than 55 inches, this guide rail is a great solution for you.

As its shorter cousin, this guide rail also helps to navigate the saw. Cuts made with the help of this rail will also be straight and smooth. This guide rail is also suitable for bevel cutting.

This guide rail produces the best results when working with sheet material (e.g. hardboard).


  • Versatile. It can be used with a router
  • Excellent when applied to sheet material
  • Suitable for bevel cutting


  • There are complaints that it often arrives bent or that it flexes too much

Clamper Set - Makita 194385-5

The Makita 194385-5 is a clamp set used to hold the guide rail in place tightly and firmly. If you want to make the most precise cuts, then, this clamp set will be very useful for you. It will work with both the 55” and the 118” guide rail. You receive two clamps in this set.

The clamps fit inside the rail groove underneath, so even if the rail is slightly above the material, you can still firmly secure it. These clamps are under the rail, so they won’t get in the way of your work. As for the track saws, they can be used with the SP6000K and the SP6000K1.

The portion of the clamp that slides into the rail is not completely precise and that makes the clamp a bit loose. Also, for their size, these clamps feel a bit heavier than you would expect. This leads to the conclusion that they are intended for forceful, rather than precise guide rail securing.


  • Cutting is more precise
  • Slightly elevated rail can be secured
  • They won’t obstruct your work


  • Sometimes they can be tedious to align and tighten
  • They are a bit loose when on the rail

Router Guide Rail Adapter - Makita 194579-2 

The Makita 194579-2 enables the select Makita routers to move along the guide rail. It works with both the 55-inch and 118-inch Makita guide rails. This adapter will help the router to perform dadoing, mortising, and trimming.

Heavy-duty materials were used in the manufacture of this adapter, making it very durable and ensuring great quality.


  • Enables versatile use for the router
  • Very durable
  • Top quality


Some routers may not fit

Miter Guide Set - The Most Useful Among Makita Track Saw Accessories

The Makita 196664-7 is designed to help you easily set up a miter angle. This miter guide is suitable for use with Makita track saws SP6000J and SP6000J1. It will work on 55” and 118” Makita guide rails.

This guide set is perfect when you need to cut angled panels for custom cabinets, bookcases, etc. It is made to last a long time, so the durability is guaranteed.

When you want to advance your woodworking skills, you can use this miter guide set to help you out. You will be able to work on some complicated projects. Complicated angles are a thing of the past with this miter guide.

Among all of the Makita track saw accessories out there, this one is the most useful.


  • Very helpful in making custom panels
  • Easy miter angle set up
  • Durable


  • No written instructions; only one sheet with pictograms

Makita Track Saw Accessories: Conclusion

Making longer cuts, combining guard rail and router, and helping you cut strange angles, there is an accessory for your every woodworking need. These track saw accessories will expand the capabilities of your track saw, making it a truly universal woodworking tool.

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