Shop Vac Replacement Hoses: The Top Three Options

Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners are amongst the sturdiest and most efficient models in the market. They are not just designed to suck in specks of dust, the top shop vacs also suck up large and sharp debris like wood chips, nails, and screws, making them a very useful tool for commercial property operators. However, since the product is said to be made of high-quality materials, some people wonder why Shop Vac replacement hoses are sold and why they even need to buy one.

The thing is that vacuum hoses, no matter how sturdy they are, have a limited lifespan since they are exposed to multiple kinds of debris. Remember that the hose is the part of the vacuum wherein the dirt will pass through so that it can reach the filter and the canister.

Hence, how long the hose will last will depend on how frequent you use the cleaner and where you use it. Nonetheless, the Shop Vac replacement hoses that you would purchase have the same quality as the hose that initially came with the vacuum cleaner you purchased.

When it comes to choosing and buying a replacement hose for your Shop Vac Cleaner, you must consider the size, both in terms of diameter and length, of the product. Ideally, the bigger hoses are suitable for bigger Shop Vac Cleaners which are used for cleaning wood and metal shops or construction sites.

On the other hand, those that have smaller hoses are more appropriate for vacuum cleaners designed for homes and small commercial spaces. With that said, if you own a Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaner and you are looking for a suitable replacement hose, we have reviewed three models that you should consider.

Some have even said a quality hose can also help limit shop vac noise and decibel levels but we believe that’s a myth.

Shop Vac Replacement Hoses: Our Top Picks

As mentioned, the replacement hoses offered by the company have good quality, and they differ in size and compatibility. Below, we have discussed the features of each replacement hose as well as listed their pros and cons.

Shop Vac 9013400 Replacement Hose


The 9013400 is a replacement hose that has a diameter of 2.5 inches. Hence, whether it is a standard inlet or the more secure one with a lock, this replacement hose can work with both. Also, this size is suitable for vacuum cleaners designed for shops, construction sites, or properties that need to clean up large pieces of debris. This is also good for dry and sharp debris like wood shavings and screws.

This hose has a 10-foot length which is more than enough for most operations since you will no longer need to move the bulky and heavy vacuum cleaner regularly. Instead, you can just maneuver this hose in the inaccessible corners and heights.

What is better is that this 3.5 pounds hose can be connected to an existing hose with the help of a coupler. In addition, this hose will hardly ever get clogged even if you are cleaning a very dirty place.


  • Solid built
  • Has an appropriate length
  • Great value for money
  • Multipurpose
  • Can fit multiple areas
  • Can fit multiple Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners


  • Slightly heavy

Shop-Vac 9051200 Replacement Hose


This replacement hose from Shop Vac is for dry-wet vacuums that are designed for household cleaning. The diameter is an inch and a quarter that can fit all inlets, wands, and accessories of the same size.

You can use it with friction as well as locking inlets since it comes with multiple types of hose ends. So, if your Shop Vac Cleaner came with a smaller hose, this can replace that and give you the right length suited for a certain area that needs cleaning.

This replacement hose weighs only 1.9 pounds; thus, it is very easy to handle and carry. Combine that with its eight-foot length, it surely is an ideal match for smaller Shop Vac models. However, this is only designed for dust and very small debris. With that said, it is still sturdy.

The Shop-Vac 9051200 Replacement Hose is sold with adapters that are compatible with two inches and two and a half inches inlets. This makes it even more versatile. Additionally, it is affordable and is sold in bundles of two, three, and four.


  • High-quality and durable
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight


  • The adapters might not be needed at all.
  • The wand is not removable.
  • Not compatible with larger Shop Vac models

Shop Vac Four Feet x 1.25 Inches Hose


This four-foot-long Shop Vac replacement hose has a diameter of 1.25 inches and weighs four ounces or less than a pound. With the same kind of quality construction as the Shop Vac Cleaners, this is made to last.

Having said that, it is only suited for smaller Shop Vac units, those with one-gallon capacities. However, in case you have a bigger vacuum cleaner, you can still use this with the help of adapters. This is also not a screw-on hose so if you have a vacuum that requires that kind of hose, this will not work with that.

Company warranty backs it, so if anything goes wrong, you can get a replacement. However, in all likelihood, this will exceed your expectations as it is made of high-quality materials. It also comes with a storage attachment so that you can coil it up and store it safely.


  • Perfect for small Shop Vac Cleaners
  • Risk-free purchase
  • Strong enough to work with a lot of debris and dirt
  • Good value for money


  • Short length


All three replacement hoses discussed above are definitely made from durable materials, and the replacement hose that you need basically comes down to the kind of vacuum cleaner you have and the kind of cleaning you do. If you need to clean a large area or those that might have multiple kinds of debris, then go for the Shop-Vac 9013400 and 9051200. For indoor use, the four feet replacement hose is just right.

In addition, when choosing amongst the three, make sure that you know the inlet size of your vacuum cleaner. The Shop Vac 9013400 has the largest diameter and is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. The other two, even though smaller in diameter, would give any other replacement hose brands a run for their money.

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