DEWALT vs PORTER-CABLE [D28710 vs PCE700 Chop Saw]

Chop Saws are designed to offer precise cuts in wood and metal among other materials. They are fast and accurate, making them indispensable in wood and metal working. Choosing DEWALT vs PORTER-CABLE is a great problem to have, both are among the leading saw brands on the market. Put simply, chop saws are circular saws mounted on pivot arms. The pivot arm provides stability you can't achieve with even the finest circular saw.

The DEWALT D28710 and the PORTER CABLE PCE700 are designed for the everyday woodworker or metal worker. They can both rotate in either direction to accommodate angled cut. These saws are ideal for you if you are looking for a versatile chop saw to add to your tool kit.

Both the DEWALT D28710 and the PORTER CABLE PCE700 are designed to cut metal, but have been widely used to cut wood and other materials too. If you are looking for power in a chop saw, you might want to consider one of these saws.

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How Do You Choose the Best Between the Two?

These two saws are striking in most of the features. To choose the best among them, consider;

  1. The blade
  2. Performance
  3. Ease of use
  4. Miter
  5. Slide

Special Features

The blade determines the depth of cut. Choose a unit that will meet your needs. There are different blades with some cutting specific materials and others cutting wood, aluminum and mild steel. Extra teeth on blade mean a finer cut. Miter refers to a saw that accommodates angled cuts. Most saws allow angled cuts both to the left and to the right.

Chop saws that allow a sliding action make it possible for you to cut pieces of greater width. If you are cutting dado, you will need a saw that slides much. However, if you will be cutting fence posts, you will need a big blade and one that slides more.

Some saws allow you to cut angles by tilting on both sides while others tilt on one side. For the latter, you will need to turn the wood if you need to cut right and left angles. Performance is important, based on the task you will put the saw to. Even with good performance, the saw has to be easy to use.

dewalt vs porter-cable chop saw comparison


When comparing Dewalt and Porter-Cable, both the Dewalt D28710 and the PCE700 are powerful saws designed for use on wood and metal. Each is offered with a 15 Amp motor that produces up to 4 Horsepower. This is enough power to cut though any material without much hustle. To the everyday woodworker or metal worker, the unit can cut through thick pieces of wood within seconds.

Given the power, you can use both of these saws on wood, aluminum and mild steel. Even with steel being a hard material, these saws take only a few seconds. However, that will be determined by the blade in use. Seeing they have the same motor, the units are rated 3800 rotations per minute (RPM). The high no-load speed allows you to take tasks with ease.

Given the great power that the motors yield, these machines are bound to get hot. However, each of them is protected from overloading and overheating. This means you can use them all day without expecting them to stop working. If you take continuous tasks all day every day, you will love these overload and overheat protection.

To lengthen the life of the motor, each of these units comes with replaceable brushes. They are compatible with different brands of brushes and this makes it easier for you. Most people consider the performance of a saw. Seeing that these two are offered with relatively same features and perform almost the same, it is a challenge choosing the best between them.

Angle Cuts

Both the Dewalt and Porter-Cable models allow angled cuts. The PORTER CABLE PCE700 sports miter adjustments for precise angle cuts. With it, you can rotate the blade left and right to cut just the angles you like. The DEWALT D28710 is less adjustable, but also allows left and right angle cuts.

Ease of Use

The DEWALT D28710 comes with an ergonomically designed D-handle, giving you a comfortable working position. This allows you to use it for long periods without feeling fatigued, for increased productivity. Even better, it sports a QuickLock vise that allows you to clamp any size of wood. The lock holds the material to be cut securely. It is easy to operate this saw once you have clamped wood as it will release after cutting.

On the other hand, the PORTER CABLE PCE700 is offered with a Quick release clamp that allows you to clamp the material, cut, and remove. You will find the operation pretty simple. The unit has a relatively small D-handle on the side, allowing you comfortable use.

The spindle locks featured on both models make it easy for you to change blades quickly. The process is also made easier even for a person who has never used a chop saw before. This saves time and consequently money.


One other feature aspect that these two have in common is the steel base. Each of the units is designed with a heavy-duty steel base. This gives them stability while in use and ensures durability.


The PORTER CABLE PCE700 is offered with a 14-inch blade diameter. This allows you to cut different sizes of wood and metal. It has a wheel diameter of 14 inches and an arbor size of 1 inch. This gives it a max round capacity of 4.75 by 5.3 inches. The unit is offered with an eight feet long power cable. This allows you to reach far places without running the risk of tangled cord. The saw itself measures 22.7 by 14 by 17.1 inches and weighs 32 pounds. Its overall size and weight make it easy to move and set up. The weight of the saw is contributed by the steel base.

The DEWALT D28710, on the other hand, accommodates a 14-inch blade with a 1-inch arbor size. This gives the saw a maximum rectangular capacity of 4 by 7.6 inches. The saw measures 21.9 by 14.6 by 17 inches and weighs 39.2 pounds. This is 7.2 pounds heavier than the PCE700. However, if you are looking for functionality, you may not realize the huge difference in the weight of the two units.

Each of these units is offered with a 14-inch aluminum oxide grain wheel. This enhances performance and lengthens the life of the saws. The wheels are designed for fast and smooth cuts.


The DEWALT D28710 and the PORTER CABLE PCE700 are created to last long, thanks to the steel construction and the motor protection. It is hard to say which saw lasts longer than the other as they are both designed with quality materials. How long a saw lasts will depend on how you use it.


Both the saws feature a spark deflector to keep the saw safe and protect you from sparks that may hurt your skin. The deflector also allows you to view a clear cutting line. The PCE700 has a thinner deflector, giving you a better view of the cutting line. This deflector is grey. The D28710, on the other hand, is designed with a wider yellow deflector. This gives the blade enough space to saw through wood.


The PCE700 is the cheaper of the two. The price of the D28710 is almost one and a half times that of the PCE700. However, this does not mean the quality of one of the saws is lower. Matter of fact, each the saws are nearly the same except for the few aspects.



  • Powerful motor for heavy duty metal and wood cutting
  • Accurate angle cuts with 45-degree pivot fence
  • Offered with a quick-lock vise, allowing it to accommodate materials of different sizes
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Heavy duty compression, allowing smooth cutting
  • No need to use a wrench thanks to the great pivot fence design
  • Designed with overload and overheat protection


  • Relatively heavy
  • Relatively expensive
  • Customers find it hard to use



  • Highly powerful motor
  • Replaceable brushes included with the package
  • Fast release clamp for ease of use
  • Designed with high-quality metallic materials for durability
  • Large spark deflector for ease of use
  • Great price
  • Large power cord


  • Relatively small handle

Customer Reviews

The PORTER CABLE PCE700 has received praise online thanks to its great performance. Most of the reviewers have cited the saws powerful motor that makes it ideal for use in all forms of projects that you may have as a woodworker or metalworker. It is easy to set up and easy to use. The overall design has impressed most of the users. However, there are complains about the price of the unit. Most consumers, however, say that the price quality ratio of this unit is great.

Just like the PCE700, the DEWALT D28710's performance has pleased most users. The unit has been lauded for ease of operation, its price and its overall design. The unit is easy to use with its great design, and it is also highly durable. It is made with high-quality materials, giving it stability and sturdiness.

A Few Missing Features

The presentation of these two saws is nearly similar. They both have a sliding action that lets you take on all widths of materials. This is great as it offers diversity in how you operate. However, they are missing the most recent features seen on saws. A good example is lighting, which comes handy when you are working in dimly lit conditions. Again, recent saws are designed with adjustable speed. This is done by simply turning a knob to select the speed you want. It is a good feature, especially when you are working on softwood.

Accessories offered with the saw are very important to most wood workers and metal workers. A saw that is offered with accessories is great, though it may be relatively expensive. Unfortunately in this comparison no accessories are included. One of the accessories you will need is a stand to place your saw. Nowadays, there are many top rated stands online.

These two saws operate fast and powerfully, a dust collection bag, especially when dealing with wood, would have been handy. However, none of these saws has this feature.


The saw you choose has to meet your needs. While these saws have many features in common, a single feature may make or break your project. Therefore, it is important that you consider your needs when making a decision. If you cannot find the feature you want in any of these saws, you can search for alternatives. Nevertheless, if you are looking for performance, irrespective of special features, these saws will give you just that. They are accurate and allow precise cuts.

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