Dewalt Chop Saw Review

Dewalt d28710

The first dewalt chop saw review is a manufactured 14-inch saw that boasts 4 horsepower with 15 amps. The Dewalt D28710 features an ergonomically designed handle. This is to provide extra comfort and reduce fatigue while operating the saw. There is a 45-degree pivoting fence on the saw. This helps to provide accurate cuts. The saw comes with an aluminum oxide grain wheel. This will help to increase the life of the wheel while providing a quick, smooth cut. This saw requires a wrench to change the blade which is easily stored on the saw for quick access. The saw also features a vise with “Quick Lock” to quickly and easily clamp on to different sized materials that are being cut. The saw weighs 36.5 pounds and has a handle on top for carrying and moving.

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Dewalt d28715

The Dewalt D28715  is also a 14-inch chop saw, but with 5.5 horsepower. This saw has many of the same features as the first. However, it comes with a quick change keyless blade change system. This means that the blade of the saw can be changed easily without the use of the wrench. It also has a slightly larger base that can be easily bolted to a surface to make cutting larger material easier.

Largely, the Dewalt chop saws have received good reviews. Many users have said Dewalt makes a good saw for the money, and that it is one of the cheapest chop saws available. Many consumer reviews have said that it is a good saw that will hold up to jobs for many years. It has also been described as very user friendly. The handle is comfortable and easy to use and the saw is easy to change between a 90-degree and 45-degree angle. Also, the back stop is able to move forwards and backwards. This allows the blade to be used even as it gets smaller.

dewalt d28715 review chop saw cutting pipe

A negative to a Dewalt saw is the alignment. It can come out of the box slightly off on its alignment. While it is usually only 1/8th or 1/16th of an inch, this can make a big difference when needing precise cuts. Some reviewers have also commented that the alignment is easily knocked out of place. However, it seems to be an easy fix. Using the provided wrench, you can access the piece from the rear to adjust the alignment back to being square. A few reviewers have also commented that the clamp that comes with the Dewalt saw is not very secure. With the use of a second clamp or a shim to help secure the material, it appears to solve the problem.

Overall, the Dewalt Chop Saw, particularly the Dewalt D28715  model with the keyless quick-change blade, has received excellent reviews. It is a quality saw at a very affordable price. This saw is a great choice for someone to use in their home for DIY projects or in their shop. It is a good quality saw and blade with enough power to cut through metal and other material as needed. With the proper use and following some of the general tips and guidelines, the saw will be great for cutting different metals for years.

Additional Chop Saw Information

A chop saw is best used for cutting hard materials such as tile, concrete, and different metals. A chop saw uses an abrasive disc in the shape of a wheel rather than a saw blade to cut materials. The disc is similar to a grinding wheel. The abrasive wheel is attached to an arm that is raised and lowered manually by the user. Once the material to be cut is in place, the wheel is turned on to begin spinning. It is then lowered onto the material to be cut. Typically, the cuts made with a chop saw are crosscuts made at a 45 degree or 90-degree angle.

Safety precautions and other considerations

Any power tool presents a risk of injury if not used properly and carefully. Since the wheel of a chop saw is an abrasive tool rather than a traditional saw blade, not only do you have a danger of cutting yourself, you also have additional risks of burns from the grinding wheel. Chop saws typically have safety features such as a blade guard in place to help protect against injuries. At all times, it is important to keep your hands and feet as far away from the saw and rotating wheel as possible.

One thing you need to consider as you are using a chop saw is that it is a grinding blade. So, you will have some very fine fragments from the material you are cutting. You will want to be careful as the shavings or dust from metal can be sharp and cut you. Some people who are concerned about breathing the find dust from the metal, concrete, etc., may want to wear a mask over their mouth and nose to keep from breathing it in. You should use eye protection to protect yourself from something breaking off and flying into your eye. You may also want to wear gloves or clothing with long sleeves and long pants to protect against any pieces that shoot off.

dewalt d28710 chop saw review cutting steel

When using your chop saw, you will want to put something directly under it. Since a chop saw will discharge sparks and debris at high speeds to the rear of the saw, you should put a piece of cement board, iron, or wet plywood underneath and behind it. This will help to protect the cement from permanent stains. You will also want to protect any walls or windows behind or around the saw.

The abrasive metal wheel that comes standard with most chop saws produce lots of sparks when cutting material. It will also leave the material very hot when the cut is finished. There are some chop saw manufacturers that are now offering a multi-purpose blade for their chop saw. The blade is considered a cold cut blade, meaning there is less sparks and the material is cold to the touch when the cut is finished. It is important to make sure you know what type of blade is better for your specific project.

When using your chop saw, you will want to make sure that your saw is big enough to cut the material at hand. Typically, a 14-inch blade will cut through material up to 5 inches. You can check with the specifications for the specific saw you are using to ensure the greatest thickness the saw will cut. You also want to make sure that you use a blade with the correct thickness. A thinner blade will make a quick cut while a thicker blade will stand up better to long-term use.

Lastly, you will also want to make sure that the saw is plugged in to a suitable outlet or power cord. Most chop saws require 120 volts. You want to make sure that if the saw is plugged into an extension cord you use a large gauge cord capable of handling the volts.

Chop Saw vs. Miter Saw

Often times a chop saw is confused with or considered the same as a miter saw. However, they are not the same. Both saws use a circular blade or wheel that is mounted on an arm that is brought down to the material to be cut. A chop saw tends to be more powerful than a miter saw. It is better suited for cutting heavier materials and for commercial uses. A major difference is also the angle that each saw can cut. A chop saw cannot rotate and therefore will only cut a straight 90-degree angle. However, a miter saw can pivot and will cut many different angles. For most home projects and DIY guys, a miter saw is suitable for their needs. However, anyone doing large volumes of cutting heavy duty wood and metals, a chop saw is what they will need.

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