Best Table Saw Reviews -- 2018's Absolute BEST Table Saws

Article Last Updated: Tuesday, December 11th 2018

A dive into the seemingly endless variety of power table saws can be overwhelming for any DIY lover. With different aspects to factor in your selection, you need the backing of a reliable source for information. To help you out, we have narrowed your selection to the five best table saw brands. The DEWALT DW745 is our top pick if you feel like skipping our detailed analysis of each brand, but different people will need different features. Maybe you need the portable convenience of the Bosch 4100-09 or the precise power of the Delta 36-6020. Whatever you need, there is sure to be a table saw for you on our list.

Best Table Saw - Dewalt DW745

Compact table saw with 10-Inch 24 tooth carbide blade!

best table saw critique of Dewalt DW745

Finding the Best Table Saw - Which Type to Buy?

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the different types of best table saws available and how to select the right one. 

The concept of a circular blade attached to an arbor remains the same from the basic table saw forms to the most sophisticated table saws. From there, all table saws are categorized under two types: Portable and stationary table saws. Each category is further subdivided into much defining groups as we can see below:

Portable Table Saws

There are three kinds of portable table saws: benchtops, compact, and contractor table saws. All table saws have emphasized portability by significantly reducing the use of heavy materials in their design. However, each type has distinct features that set it apart from other table saws.

ideal table saw for portability bosch 4100-9

Bosch 4100-09 Portable Table Saw


  • Benchtop table saws are designed for light-duty wood work. Their tables are smaller and lack transportation stands. With a limited rip capacity, don’t expect much action. However, they are a cheap option if you are looking to save money and require less horsepower. They are also a great option if you need to make more precise cuts on smaller work pieces. This is the standard “hobbyists” table saw.
  • Compact table saws are an upgrade from the benchtops. Even though a direct translation of the former, they include additional features such as stands, cast iron table stands, and more rip power. Compact table saws, despite their name, are also often a bit larger than benchtop saws. The largest benchtop table saws are about as big as the smallest compact table saws, and this difference is translated everywhere.
  • Contractor table saws are the kings of rip cuts when it comes to portable table saws. As a result, they are the ideal choice for off-site work jobs. They are more robust and rugged in their construction. However, they cannot be compared to the true contractor table saws found in workshops. Still, portable contractor table saws are often noted for high-end stands that allow them to be taken anywhere. On top of that, these table saws are rarely made with less than 10 amps of power as an indication of the type of work they are expected to do.

Please note that according to major consumer feeds, benchtop and jobsites table saws are contractors’ favorites. We have outlined a way to build your own portable saw or stationary workstation if you are feeling ambitious.

Stationary Table Saws

Stationary table saws consist of three types: contractor, hybrid and cabinet table saws. Woodtek offers all three types of table saws. Compared to portable table saws, they are much bigger, heavier and powerful with more precision taken into account. Stationary table saws are powered by belt drive motors. Their tables are usually made of heavy cast iron with some exceptions of granite or aluminum. Despite sharing similarity in design, each has its own unique features as we can see below.

best table saws and safety precautions


  • Cabinet table saws are the superiors of the whole bunch. They are made to withstand heavy-duty work with the highest precision. Cabinet tables saws are bulky, robust and highly durable. Their tables are huge and feature extensions. These table saws are meant for professional use only.
  • A high-quality cabinet table saw can easily run you into the thousands of dollars before including delivery, installation, and the cost of running it. Ultimately, unless you are looking for a table saw for use in a light-industrial manufacturing setting or for high-volume craftsman work, the cabinet table saw is hard to justify.
  • Contractor table saws were initially designed as alternatives to cabinet table saws for hobbyists and professionals. As cheaper options to the cabinet table saws, they are a lot more powerful than the portable contractor table saws. Earlier versions can be spotted to have outboard motors, however, they are extremely rare to find. This is the most common type of table saw to find in a professional craftsman’s workshop.
  • The hybrid table saw is a middle ground between full-size industrial cabinet table saw and the traditional contractor table saw. They usually feature open leg stands but some hybrid table saw models have full enclosures. While the stationary contractor table saw might be the most common, that is because it has had a couple of decades head start on the hybrid. This is currently the highest selling type of stationary table saw and shows no signs of slowing.

Buyers Guide

Before we can jump into the table saw reviews, it is important to have a detailed understanding of how to select the best table saws for your workshop needs. Check out out our miter saw vs table saw comparison if you are still not sure which one fits your projects needs. Here is a sneak peek of some of the vital factors to consider before purchase:

The Table Saw Blade System Test

Having the wrong blade can result in poor workmanship or in the worst case, cause an accident. Therefore, finding the​ ​right blade to rip hardwood is crucial. You need to consider first the material you are cutting and its thickness. Afterwards, factor in other aspects of the blade system such as diameter, number of teeth, arbor size, kerf size and speed.

top table saw with blades for ripping and cross cuts

Another vital aspect of the blading system is the type of blade used. The basic two types include, the rip blades and the crosscut blades. Rip blades are ideal for rough cuts as they have smaller number of teeth with large gullets. Crosscut blades on the other hand are adapted for smoother cuts. You may also opt for a specialized blade that is designed to cut certain materials such as plywood or metal.

Availability of a Dust Port for your Table Saw

Go for a table saw with a dust port. Dust ports suck all the debris your blade creates, keeping your workspace clean and safe. We recommend an electric vacuum as a great pick.

Miter Gauge Range

The miter gauge allows you to change the angle of the wood when making complex cuts. To get more out of your table saw, look for a miter gauge with a wide angle range. The most common miter range is between 0-45 degrees, but some table saws will go up to 52 degrees.

Fence Construction

Fences lengthen your working area to accommodate longer boards. Ensure the fence that comes with the table saw remains parallel and is highly durable. The fence is one of the most common parts of a table saw to be poorly made. This may not ruin the table saw, but it will make working with it more difficult.

Cutting Power

For home projects, we recommend a table saw with a motor horsepower of three to five. But if you are inclined to work with heavier and thicker woods, it is best to buy one with more power.

Keep in mind, there are a couple ways that manufacturers report their power ratings. Since table saws are powered by electric motors, the most common measurement is amps. For a solid table saw, you are looking for at least 7 amps, but you will ideally want a table saw with more than 10 amps.
Unfortunately, some manufacturers report the power rating of their table saw in other measurements. Horsepower and wattage are the two most common alternative measurements. Often these are used to disguise when a product is less powerful than its competitors, but sometimes it is based on where the table saw was manufactured.

The important thing is to get a table saw that is powerful enough for the jobs you want to do. It is also important to consider the torque that the motor provides. This will determine how well the table saw can make long, continuous cuts and many cuts over a long period of time. However, it is not common practice for manufacturers to report the torque of their motors.


Accessories extend the basic function of your table saw. Rockwell and Ryobi make the top accessories out there. Look for brands that come with upgrades or are adaptable. You should also check out our GRR-Ripper Pushblock Review for a tool that will drastically improve the speed you can make cuts.

The one accessory that is contradictory important and often over-valued is the stand. A table saw will require a stand, but you do not have to break the bank to get a good one. Many manufacturers will sell you a sub-standard stand as part of a package for much more than you would pay for a cheap stand that works better.

Do you need a cross cutting sled?

We outline some of the key functions and uses for a cross cutting sled on our website. Rockwell makes the best one and they also make a pretty nice table saw to boot. 

Of course, some makers try to get around that problem altogether by providing an extra-long table. This will take the saw’s rip cut from 20” usually to around 30”.

Safety Features

With thousands of table saw cases brought to the ER, it is important to be precautious when handling table saws. Look for safety features such as riving knifes, splitters, and anti-kickback pawls that minimize chances of kickbacks. All the table saws considered in our review come with blade guards that help you keep your fingers intact.

You will also have to carefully consider the material you are cutting. If you are cutting materials like plexiglass or other plastic (rather than wood) you need to do your homework. Depending on the density of the material, you will need a table saw that can spin the blade faster or slower. Dense materials like hardwoods require fast spinning cuts, while softer materials like plastics require slower spinning cuts.


Look for a reputable company that guarantees you zero defects in their craftsmanship. Our selected table saw brands offer extensive warranties that cover a longer period of time. Some even offer unconditional money-back guarantees in case of malfunction.

Though, some of the quality brands that did not make our list are Milwaukee, Makita, and Grizzly. That said, all of these brands a professional-grade and generally more expensive than DIY table saws.

Reviews of 5 Best Table Saw Brands

We understand that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to finding the right table saw. As a result, our evaluation is based on some of the important factors to consider when selecting the best table saw. Side by side we analyze five of the leading table saw brands according to consumer feeds. These brands consist of Delta, Bosch, Ryobi, Craftsman, and Dewalt table saws.

Please note that for each brand we have selected their best seller model and compared it with other leading rival brands. We have factored in every aspect that makes them great not withholding the minor defects that plague them. For more on each, let’s dig in!

When you are in the market for an efficient table saw, the new DEWALT DW745 is a great pick. Rated the best seller in one of the leading online stores, the DW745 is a force to recon with.

This compact table saw comes with a 10-Inch 24 tooth carbide blade that’s powered by 15 amp, high-torque motor. The blade spins at 3850 rpm for fast, clean cuts regardless of the application. With such power, the table saw easily cuts through tough wood and pressure-treated lumber. However, you will still likely want to avoid exotic, specialty hardwoods as they may still bog down the DEWALT.

The Dewalt table saw portable design enables easy transportation to worksite. It weighs 45 pounds and comes with on-board storage for convenience purposes. This easily puts the DEWALT as the lightest table saw on our list, though it lacks a rolling base.

The table saw also features a 2.5-inch dust collection port that enables you to connect a Shop-Vac for effective dust removal. That said, the port is designed to exclusively use DEWALT accessories.

Dewalt’s Site-Pro Modular guarding system is not only easy to set up but allows tool-free adjustments for specific application guarding components. Another plus to this amazing table saw is its coated table surface that reduces friction for better cut quality. Unlike plastic based table saws, the Dewalt DW745 features a sturdy metal base that is highly durable.

The table saw comes with a three-year limited warranty, 90-day money back guarantee, and one-year free service. Included in its packaging is a miter gauge, push stick, and blade guard.
Despite all its splendor, Dewalt table saw lacks a stand and as a result you may need to purchase them separately.

Another potential issue is that the table does not really allow for clamps or other bracing. Nevertheless, this is a powerful table saw proven to work when put to the test and easy to use for DIY projects. You can always grab one on Amazon.


-Has a 15-amp motor
-Has a metal roll-bar design
-Weighs only 45-pounds
-Has 2 ½” vac port


-Rack and pinion not durable
-Cannot brace table

The Bosch 4100-09 is a contractor’s dream. If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of this saw check out our full Bosch 4100-09 review article. This precise table saw comes with enhancements that make cutting a breeze. On board is Bosch’s advanced smart guard system, the first modular blade guard that features a riving knife system and anti-kickback pawls for full control and maximum protection when making cuts.

One feature of the Bosch table saw that drew our attention is the gravity-rise wheeled stand that increases portability. It comes with 8-inch treaded pneumatic wheels for easy transportation on different terrains. The stand’s folding design reduces storage space requirements. Furthermore, this stand is highly durable thanks to its powder-coat finish.

top three upgrades for the bosch

When we talk of cutting power, Bosch’s 4100-09 25-inch rip capacity provides plenty of muscle need for tough Jobs. Its 40-tooth, 10-inch carbide-tipped blade is powered by a 4.0 HP motor for high precision cutting.

The package comes with one 10-Inch table saw, carbide tipped blade, a gravity-rise table, rip fence, smart guard system, miter gauge, and Push Stick. Keep in mind, the included carbide-tipped blade is a combination saw blade.

If you are looking to make straight rip cuts, get a blade with fewer teeth. If you are going to be using the Bosch for more finished cuts, get a blade with more teeth. Considering that the Bosch provides some of the more precise cuts we saw, you should probably use this table saw for the precise cuts and get a blade to match.

One major defect that seems to go unnoticed by the Bosch design team is the dust management. The dust bag does a pretty good job at collecting dust, however some seem to end up on the floor or make their way to your face.

This is not necessarily that uncommon for table saws, but the Bosch is also 3 times more expensive than the average table saw. The absence of at least a vac port is a bit conspicuous. Regardless, this is one amazing Bosch table saw that comes with a one-year warranty. 


-Has rolling, pneumatic stand
-Has a 15-amp motor
-Puts out 3850 rpms
-Provides precise cuts


-Not for the hardest woods
-The most expensive table saw reviewed

The Delta power tools 36-6020 is a great selection for DIY lovers. It comes with a miter gauge, blade guard, push stick, and 10-inch Blade. The all-metal construction speaks to the confidence and sense of pride Delta puts into their product.

The combination of steel and die-cast aluminum forms arguably the most durable table saw on our list. That said, it is also easily one of the most expensive products we reviewed too.

This delta table saw features the necessities that make a good table saw system. Its folding stand makes storage a lot easier. When setup, the stand features a storage area for quick reach whenever you need your accessories.

delta 36-6020 Portable with stand review

We are blown away by the rip power this tool can pull. From the whole bunch the Delta power tools 36-6020 comes with a 30-inch rip capacity that’s great for taking larger lumbering projects. In fact, the 30” rip is the longest on our list by an inch.

Considering that Delta is more well-known for their professional-grade, cabinet power tools, it only makes sense they would set the standard here as well. Of course, Delta is not content with topping that standard and also provides us with the deepest cut at 90-degrees. The 3 ½” cut is more than a ¼” deeper than the next closest competitor.

Another great feature of the Delta is its blade guard which features the popular anti-kickback design. The transparent plastic used also ensures that you can keep your eye on the cut. Which brings up to the Delta’s best point: its precision.

Other than the Bosch, none of the competing table saws we reviewed can challenge the Delta for precision. Unfortunately, this precision refers exclusively to the stability of the blade while cutting.

The Delta table saw, however, suffers some major backlash on its fence design. Most users complain of having to lock both the front and back. Despite this setback, this is one impressive selection that is low on the price range. Feel free to purchase it on Amazon.


-Has a folding, rolling stand
-Can make 30” rips
-Has a 3 ½” cut at 90-degrees
-Has all metal construction


-Fences are not secure
-The stand is not pneumatic

Another amazing selection for your lumbering needs is the Craftsman Evolv table saw 28461. The craftsman table saw comes with a 24-teeth carbide tipped blade, blade guard assembly, blade wrenches, push stick, rip fence, anti-kickback pawls, stand, miter gauge, hex keys, and operator's manual.

This 10-inch table saw comes with an impressive sheer table top for even cuts. The table top supports different material sizes and comes with a push stick table mount that helps you keep your worktop mess free.

The 15-amp motor pushes at a max 5000 rpms to cut through the densest of hardwoods with ease. The arbor provides a bit more give than some, so you might want to save this saw for when you need to make a lot of straight rough rips.

For a stable and comfortable working ground, the table saw features a steel stand that is highly durable. What is even more surprising is that this is one of the lightest table saws we ran across. While it does not have a stand with wheels, it is still one of the easiest table saws on our list to transport.

We find the miter gauge easy to adjust for quick and accurate control over your bevels and tight corners. However, the same cannot be said for the fences which have the same issue as a number of less expensive table saws. Numerous customers reported not being able to square their cuts, even though the die-cast aluminum table is level.

Just like Bosch 4100-09, Craftsman table saw 28461 features state of the art guarding system that delivers flexibility and more blade coverage in a safe package. This comes in two forms with the first being an anti-kickback function as well as an ergonomic blade guard. The table saw is backed with a one year limited warranty.

Bottom line, this one decent table saw that saves you money with a promise to deliver. 


-Table made of steel
-Has 15 amp motor
-Has anti-kickback protections
-Has 5000 rpms


-The fence is not secure
-Not that precise

The Ryobi RTS10G table saw is a certified refurbished product that includes all the original accessories. It is a must-have for both contractors and DIY lovers.

The Ryobi table saw features an adjustable miter gauge, heavy-duty steel stands for additional support, and a larger table surface that can support the best blade ripping action.

The table is decent, but the plastic body might not give you as much peace of mind. This material choice helps keep the Ryobi’s weight down, but it makes the table saw feel a bit flimsy in comparison to the others we reviewed.

It is also worth noting that while the plastic might keep the weight to just over 54 pounds, this is one of the heavier table saws without a wheeled stand that we found. This means transporting the Ryobi may not be difficult, but it will not be as easy as with the other options we looked at.

This amazing table saw is backed by a limited one-year warranty with a 90-day money back guarantee.

The best feature about this Ryobi table saw is its large table surface that gives ample room for larger lumbering projects. However, we find the stand not to be as impressive as stated.

Ryobi often prides itself on being able to provide the best consumer-grade product at a competitive price, but this model is actually a bit expensive for the brand. That said, you do not have to worry about the durability of the motor even being consumer-grade.

Keep in mind, the Ryobi is surprisingly powerful for what you might expect from the brand that usually competes with Black&Decker--not Bosch. But with a 15-amp motor that can push the blade up to 5000 rpms, the Ryobi can handle whatever kind of wood you feed into it.

If you have a day’s worth of cutting, the Ryobi will be able to keep up with any professional-grade model. It just cannot cut with the same precision that professionals demand from their tools.


-Has a 15 amp motor
-Comes with a stand
-Has 5000 rpms
-Can make miter cuts


-Housing made of plastic
-The fence is not secure


If you are a serious woodcrafter, it is essential that you find the best table saw for your work. By following the highlighted tips, selecting one won’t be much of a problem. Feel free to choose any of our mentioned table saw brands as your final pick. They are all proven to work well, be durable and are not a waste of your money.

While we recommend the DEWALT for its combination of ability, features, and price, the Ryobi is a great budget option. If you are looking for a more professional result, the Bosch and Delta both provide that level of quality.