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Article Last Updated: Tuesday, April 9th 2019

The Complete 2018 Scroll Saw Buyer's Guide for Beginners

There are many different types of mechanical saws for the aspiring woodworker. Some do the work of a sledgehammer, using brute force. Others are intended for more delicate work, like a surgeon's scalpel. The best scroll saw belongs to the latter category. It is a unique tool solely designed for the finely detailed work of finish carpentry, and as in simple hobby applications for the amateur enthusiast, on up to the more sophisticated work in architectural details.

The beginner interested in woodworking is in for a treat when first introduced to the scroll saw. Its capabilities are limited only by the imagination; such is the case with all woodwork; it's the very nature of the medium. When the time comes for choosing the best scroll saw, research is important. There are a variety of models and capabilities that are specific to each application or use. Since there is a beginning for everyone, there are tools which are appropriate for the beginner. 

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It is the tool of choice if you want to do intricate carvings on thin pieces of wood. It is also very friendly to the beginner in that its ease of use is conducive to safety, and it also allows for better focus on your work and adds to the enjoyment of the process, which is one of the more attractive aspects of creating with wood. With a scroll saw (also known as a fret saw) you can make elaborate and intricate carvings, accurate curves, and other fine detailed work on small work pieces. So, if your eye is for fine detail, the best scroll saw can be best friend of a woodworker. That you've chosen to "begin" working with wood probably means that you already have a good base knowledge and are simply stepping up to the electric scroll saw. This is a good step to make. Some features on some scroll saws can be unnecessary for the beginner or hobbyist. Those features will be detailed here.

scroll saw's best dremel option for beginners

You can say that a scroll saw is more of a craft-oriented tool rather than the go-to tool for the average woodworker. But it is still a handy device and the perfect option for many woodworking saw projects for beginners due to its easy-going nature. In fact, we have nice resource for ​free beginner scroll saw patterns if you are interested.

Investing in a scroll saw is a smart move for the beginner, because in woodworking, you are only a beginner for a short while. Once your work is finished and turns out to be more than you expected, it is then that you will realize that you are hooked, and on the path to becoming a true craftsman; and having one of the finest scroll saws in your shop is a life long relationship. It becomes a part of you, and indeed can become a valuable hand-me-down item. We've all seen grandpa's tools, right? They were magical, and still are to be sure. Woodworking is more than a hobby to the true craftsman; it is a lifestyle, if not a calling. Investing in the finest tools is the wisest decision to be sure. However, some functions you will simply not need at first.

We will look at some of the aforementioned woodworking projects in detail, and also explain the basic features you have to look at while shopping for the best scroll saw. Some initial things to consider are the size of your work and the type of wood you choose to work with. Though not a critical detail, as most all scroll saws can handle most all types of wood, the size will be an important factor when choosing the best scroll saw.

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Being a beginner doesn't mean you know nothing at all about woodworking. You obviously have a keen interest in the craft if you are seeking to utilize the special abilities of a scroll saw. Scroll saws are unique and used for specific work, and you know that. Though you may have never operated one before. If you have no experience with scroll saws, this is a great first step to becoming well versed in the styles and features available when making that trip to the power tool supplier. Several key aspects for finding the best scroll saw will be covered and with each function detailed for you, you will have the right stuff when you are ready to choose. 

Check out the review section for an in-depth look at the top products available online. Here are the contenders:

1. Dewalt DW788
2. WEN 3920
3. Dremel MS20-01
4. Shop Fox W1713
5. Delta Power Tools 40-694

Best Scroll Saw Reviews

1. Dewalt DW788 - Top Rated Scroll Saw

With its trademark yellow livery and a robust looking cast-iron table, the DW788 is a capable looking scroll saw from Dewalt. At first glance, it looks quite durable and heavy. But at around 56 pounds, you can easily move this compact saw around the shop floor if necessary.

With a throat size of 20 inches, this is no amateur scroll saw. It can handle both professional and hobbyist projects with equal ease. User-friendly controls make this Dewalt saw a very good option for woodworkers of all skill levels.

The arm design is one of the highlights of this saw. It has a double parallel-link feature, which helps to keep the vibrations down to a minimum. The blade can deliver optimal cuts thanks to this feature. The arm can pivot, which contributes to the overall smooth operation.

The arm also houses all the controls of the saw in a spot that is easy to reach. There are three main controls on the saw: the on/off switch, speed controls, and blade torsion system. The same area on the arm also features the flexible dust blower system. You can direct the blower freely across the work table, helping keep it clear at all times.

As you may have gathered, the 1.3-amp motor onboard comes with variable speed controls. Using electronic controls, you can expect dependable performance from that motor, within the range of 400 to 1750 strokes per minute. The depth of cut can also be adjusted, between 3/4 of an inch and 2 inches.

As expected, Dewalt has included tool-free blade changes with this scroll. While that is a standard feature we find on most of the best scroll saws these days, an adjustable table is not. Still, the cast iron table on this saw has that feature as well. It can bevel both ways, to a maximum angle of 45 degrees.

The DW788 has a host of certifications, including OSHA, CSA, and UL. However, though it works as promised, the saw does have some issues related to quality control, reliability, and blade alignment. You will hardly feel any vibes at lower speeds, but as you rev it up, vibrations do start rearing their ugly head. On the whole, this is a great option if you are a hobbyist.


Adjustable cast iron table
Easy to reach controls
Tool-free blade changing
Variable speed settings
Durable and sturdy


Some quality control issues
No extra features like blade storage or foot clamp
Vibrations at higher speeds

2. WEN 3920

The 3920 from Wen is a unique scroll saw that exceeds its 16-inch throat capacity using a specially designed blade holder. While other top scroll saws simply allow you to change their blades, this saw from Wen also allows you to change the direction of the cut. The design allows for the blade to be turned by 90 degrees.

The saw looks quite solidly put together and has a strong cast iron base. The table is quite spacious with 16 x 11-inch dimensions. It also can tilt up to 45 degrees for those angled cuts.

The powerful motor on board the saw comes with variable speed capability. The saw blade can work at speeds ranging from 400 to 1600 strokes per minute. Add to that a cut depth of nearly two inches, and you have a very versatile saw indeed. The 3920 comes with both pinned and pinless blades.

When it comes to extra features, Wen has managed to exceed our expectations. This saw has pretty much every feature you would want from the best scroll saw. The features include an LED work light, on-board blade storage, adjustable air pump and dust port, and a foot clamp. All the control buttons are located at the front, within quick reach of your hands.

The lack of foot pedal is a noticeable disadvantage, but you can buy that as a separate accessory. Due to the special design, you don't get quick toolless blade changing with this Wen saw. Performing advanced cuts and intricate designs is out of the reach of this saw, but as an affordable option for beginner hobbyists, this is one of the best options out there.


Affordably priced
Adjustable blade direction
Wide cast iron table
Variable speed controls
A lot of extra features


Difficulty in changing blades
Not suitable for advanced users

3. Dremel MS20-01

Visually, the Dremel sticks out from the rest of the pack due to a slim and minimalist design. This is an ultra-compact scroll saw, with the ability to be detached for handheld use. To function as a regular scroll saw, the MS20-01 comes with a fast clamp base. You can attach it to tables, benches and other surfaces. You can remove the saw from this base for handheld use.

As it is meant to be a handheld product as well, the Dremel MS20-01 is extremely lightweight and compact. The whole package weighs around 10lbs. The detachable base measures approximately 8 x 10 inches. The throat is very small as well, at around 10 inches. The maximum effective cutting depth you can expect from this is saw is around ½". With softer wood like balsa, you might be able to go deeper, maybe 3/4 of an inch max.

The saw is powered by a small 0.6-amp motor. You cannot use this saw to cut metal, but it does a decent job on wood and other soft materials. The saw will work only with pinned blades. The main advantage of the Dremel is that you can do freehand cuts at any angles.

The saw has some neat advanced features as well. It has an auto tensioning feature to keep the blade in an optimal position at all times. The saw also has a variable speed setting, which is good for working with different materials.

On the whole, the Dremel is aimed mainly at beginners who want a nice saw that works on small pieces of softwood. The product is very limited and cannot handle anything except simple carvings on soft materials. It cannot work on thicker pieces of hardwood, let alone metal. The blades will snap easily on anything other than softwood.


Very affordable
Compact, with handheld mode
Can carve on softwood and other materials like PVC


Extremely low-powered tool
Cannot even cut hardwood properly
Feels like a toy, not a real tool

4. Shop Fox W1713

With a gooseneck LED light and long teardrop shaped worktable, the Shop Fox W1713 bears a close resemblance to the WEN 3920 saw. They are both around the same size, with a 16-inch throat. The finish on the W1713 is different, with an off white/cream paint job.

The table and base are made of durable cast iron. And like other saws, this Shop Fox model also comes equipped with beveling table, with a maximum tilt of 45 degrees. It is still quite light at around 32 lbs.

The saw can accept both pinned and plain blades. Changing the blades does not take a long time, thanks to the specially designed adapters used in the saw. Those blades can deliver a cutting depth maximum of two inches. The blades are powered by a 1.6-amp motor, capable of reaching peak speeds of 1650 strokes per minute. You also get variable speeds with this model and with the slowest setting getting you close to 550 strokes per minute.

To keep the workpiece securely in place, there is an adjustable hold-down shoe. The cutting location also has an air nozzle to keep debris away from the surroundings. Along with the dust blower, there is a 1¼ inch dust port on this saw.

This saw is best used on thin pieces of wood and softer materials like plastic. It can handle hardwoods, but you will find things progressing slowly. It is a decent choice for a beginner, with some minor flaws. Mounting the saw anywhere is not easy, due to the placement of the holes. The pinless blade adapter design also needs improvements as it is not very easy to install at the moment.


Cast iron table with tilting
Gooseneck LED work light
Easy blade change mechanism
Has dust blower and port


Not for advanced projects
Difficult to mount
Pinless blades do not work well

5. Delta Power Tools 40-694

This Delta machine is comparable to the Dewalt when it comes to size, power, and capabilities. Clad in a black finish with blue livery, the saw has a dual parallel-link arm design to reduce vibrations. The saw can cut at both 90 and 45 degrees, thanks to the tilting table. The upper arm can be tilted up for doing fretwork as well.

Under the hood lies a 1.3-amp motor, capable of variable speed settings. The saw has a throat length of 20 inches, which makes it one of the largest in this shortlist. The tilting table is crafted from high-quality metal, and has a large footprint, measuring 16 x 24 inches. The table can tilt from 0 to 45 degrees on both sides.

The cutting capacity of this saw is higher than any other saw on this list, measuring around 2⅛ inches. Variable speed settings range from 400 to 1700 strokes per minute. The base structure of the saw has a concealed storage area for extra blades. Incidentally, this saw only accepts pinned blades. Thanks to the tool-free clamp, changing the blades is a breeze.

Delta also sells the saw with an optional stand and light in a more expensive package. Even without those accessories, the 40-694 is an extremely capable scroll saw with few noticeable flaws.

It is quite expensive, and the cheap quality switches used in the saw are a sure let down. The switches and knobs do not work very well half the time. That is about the only major irritant in an otherwise solidly built tool. This is a good choice for beginners as well as more seasoned hobbyists.


Very powerful saw
Large capacity (20 inches)
Has variable speed settings
Best in class cutting depth
Uses tool-free clamp for blades


Poor quality knobs and switches
Rather expensive

These are all fine tools for the beginner. Even the Dremel will be effective for some hobby applications, and each of them can provide a great starting point for the serious beginning woodworker. The finer of the choices can handle most jobs even for professional applications. With a good grasp of what is available on the market today, the woodworking enthusiast can forge ahead and make that decision. Though there are still preferential considerations specific to each individual, the previous list will help with the final purchase.

Scroll Saw Buyer's Guide

cutting fine wood patterns with a good scroll saw

What is a scroll saw?

Scroll saws are small powered tools used to make intricate carvings on wood and other materials. You've all seen those amazing carvings and have wondered how the heck such fine detail can be worked into a piece of wood. Well, now you know. It is a fixed machine with a fine blade attached to a top arm which stays parallel to the work surface. In shape, it vaguely resembles a sewing machine. You use the scroll saw by holding the workpiece against the blade and moving it around gently to get the desired cut. This allows for greater control in that you use both hands and move the wood itself, rather than moving the tool across your work. Incredible detail can be achieved in this way. it is also very easily moved to different heights to accommodate the preference of standing or sitting.

The scroll saw evolved over a long period of time, from the days when finely detailed woodwork was done with hand tools and took months to complete fine pieces. The natural evolution of the scroll saw is an exercise in logical progression and there is wonderful history available on the internet for those interested in how this incredible tool came to be.

As with everything, necessity is the mother of invention, and the scroll saw is a fine example of that axiom. The demand for very intricate, ornate woodwork was very high back in the days of old, and the masters invented and evolved their own tools for their trade. Step by step and innovation by innovation, the hand tools eventually led to the wonderfully advanced powered scroll saws that we enjoy today. The problem is, there are so many different kinds and styles and sized of scroll saw, that making a choice can be daunting for the beginner.

Why are they called scroll saws?

A scroll is a term used in artistic carpentry to denote spiral and curved designs. You will often see these designs on the borders of old books. These long designs often involve intricate carvings of flowers, leaves, and vines. You can find them on antique furniture, picture frames, and other carved surfaces. The spiral shape itself resembles the end of a rolled parchment or "scroll", a shape that is every bit as popular today as it was in the days of antiquity. Some suggest it resembles the mathematical oddity of the golden spiral, which is a Euclidean geometrical formula that applies to, or describes nature itself. Whatever the case may be, today we have the rock solid scroll saw.

Scroll saws get their name from these kind of carvings. These saws are primarily used for creating such scrollwork carvings. The accuracy of the saw in producing the unique shape of the scroll eventually became the accepted description and the functionality evolved to what it is capable of today. Pedal-powered scroll saws were invented a long time ago in the 1800s for these projects. These days, electric powered saws are more common and the capabilities and functionality are tenfold of what they used to be, thanks to innovation and, of course, electricity. 

The "Scroll Saw" is what it has come to be known as, and there is no indication that it will ever change, even with the proliferation of strange words and names on the internet and text messages, and so on.

Why should I buy (or not buy) a scroll saw?

If all you want to do is knock together pieces of wood and create functional furniture or crown molding, or other similar objects, you do not need a scroll saw. But you are not just beginning your woodworking dream to put together simple functional things. Those tasks are for the full time tradesman. Your desires are much more personal, and they are rooted in creativity and craftsmanship. A basic scroll saw can help bring your visions into the 3rd dimension. That it is basic refers to the simplicity of its design only. How the user can apply it to a piece of wood is where the art happens.

However, keep in mind that higher quality saws do it all, whereas the hobby models may not include some of the features you may be interested in. Again, investing in the professional model may be the best bet; it is preferential unless your budget doesn't allow it. The finest tools will certainly stand the test of time. Being a beginner, you may evolve into a true artist; upgrading when the time comes is an option as well. Who knows what is on the drawing board at the tool manufactures anyway? The Shadow knows. New features may be on the horizon. Waiting now and being frugal is certainly up to the individual.

As to the "Why" when purchasing a quality machine, you may be a beginner at a hobby level, and if that's the case, you will need help and you will need to research, which is what you are doing here. Or you may be in a professional capacity such as finish carpentry, if that's true, you will know which tools you need and the appropriate options will be clear to you; the apprentice carpenter.

So far as hobby woodworking is concerned, the level of work is preferential, personal and ever changing. The hobby woodworker may have a broad range of projects in mind, which can change in size, wood type and style. Experimentation may necessitate having a scroll saw of the highest quality, and having the most capability and the most features might be the best way to go. Again, individual taste and preference are good things to think of when shopping for the best tool.

If you only occasionally work with wood as a hobby, the more economic models are definitely appropriate. If money or budgeting is not an issue, going with what makes you feel good is something to keep in mind. At the high end, the differences in models can be slight, and sometimes it's better to have something and not need it rather than the other way around. When deciding on your favorite model, checking the manufacturers warranty and other coverage's may help with the final decision. The supplier sales desk with have all the info in that regard.


But if you are into intricate carvings, finely-cut carved joints, and intarsia projects (more on these later), you will definitely need the best scroll saw out there. Basically, scroll saws are for professionals involved in high-end woodworking, as well as amateur hobbyists looking for creative projects. If you belong to either category, you can get a lot of work done with a scroll saw. You may even discover and develop interesting techniques of your own and evolve your personal skills in ways you didn't think of. Such is the way in creative world, and who knows, you may just develop a style that is recognized by all and become a famous woodworker!

Inspiration can come from anything or anywhere, and the hobbyist with an artists soul may need more capability in tools rather than less. Having a top notch tool that you yourself can evolve into can be a time and money saver. therefore, choosing a top line model can be a wise direction to take. Many artisans become attached to their favorite tools. It might be a prudent choice to opt for the best so that you won't have to part with it or even upgrade in the future. The true craftsman will understand this. Since you aren't one yet, you'll have to trust in the reviews of others.

Whatever the case may be, buying the right mechanical saw is a fairly big decision to make, and there are myriad options to choose from. But the life of a woodworker includes this type of research, there is really no way around it. On some level, acquiring tools for woodworking can be just as enjoyable as the woodworking itself. Your tools become finely tuned instruments to you, not just "tools", and you take great care with them. They are extensions of your very imagination and a symbiotic relationship emerges between the master and his craft. it's a fulfilling lifestyle and rewarding too. It satisfies the need for creative expression and produces fine works of art with detail only achievable with the fine capabilities of a quality scroll saw.

Hobbyists are no less the craftsman than the professional. It's part of ones heart and soul. Woodworking is a time honored trade and in many cases a passed down tradition, and is a deeply loved part of humanity. Also, wood is, without a doubt, the first medium mankind has ever used and wood continues to be the most versatile resource known. This is safe to say because it's un-provable (ha ha), however, you get the gist.

Professional or amateur, falling in love with woodworking broadens your life in many ways. The satisfaction in creating a fine work of art out of wood is a singular emotion that, as of yet, cannot be defined. The evolution of tools for woodworking, is proof positive that wood, as a medium, is every bit as respected and loved as oil paint or marble. The motto of one of the finest art colleges in the world is "Be True To Your Work, And Your Work Will Be True To You"; These notions are no small part of deciding which tools to add to your bench. A scroll saw is no different, in relation to woodworking, than a fine sable brush is in relation to painting on canvas.

Aside from the artistic applications it can be used for, there is also the construction application as well. Finish carpentry is no less an art form than craft carving. Architectural details are formed with professional scroll saws as well, and there are many other great uses in carpentry and construction for the venerable scroll saw.

But professional carpentry is another area entirely. The focus here is the beginner and his or her desire to start working with wood. Each step and each tool is fun and downright enjoyable. When time loses meaning, and you find yourself working that one, great piece into the wee hours, you'll know that you have the right stuff, and you've joined the ranks of the true craftsman. 

scroll saw woodworking crafts with paper outline

What are some of the common uses of a scroll saw?

  • Carving intricate designs and scroll saw patterns on wood
  • Used as a beginner tool for learning woodworking basics
  • To create a sanding station
  • Carving dovetail joints
  • Creating intarsia projects
  • Other wood-based art and craft projects

What are the important features to consider when buying a scroll saw?

Size (Throat)

When looking at the best scroll saw models, you will inevitably come across the term "throat," or "throat depth." In a scroll saw, the throat is the distance between the blade and the rear structure of the saw that houses the horizontal arm. This can have a big influence in your decision, since the hobbyist may, again, have a broad range of project sizes.

The throat depth determines the maximum size of the work piece you can use on a particular scroll saw. In smaller hobbyist-oriented scroll saws, the throat size is at least 12 inches on the lower end of the scale. In the bigger commercial models, this can go as high as 30 inches, allowing the saw to work on larger pieces of wood. Anywhere from 12 to 20 inches should be enough for most hobbyists. However, you can work a small piece of wood on a larger throat depth, but not vise-versa. If your style includes many different sizes, the larger the better, of course.

Variable Speed Control

Not all saws provide this feature. However, having a saw capable of working at different speeds is very useful in woodworking, especially if you are dealing with different types of wood. Softer woods are easier to work with at high blade speeds, while you will get a cleaner cut on hardwoods if you use a slower speed setting. Long story short, if you want uniformly accurate cuts on different types of wood, try to find a quality model with variable speed controls.

good scroll saw for cutting wood beginner woodworking detail craft

Depth of Cut/Blade Size

As you may already know, depth of cut in a saw determines how deep the blade can cut into your work piece. Depending on the size of compatible blades, a scroll saw can achieve a depth of cut ranging between ¼" all the way up to 2". For compact hobbyist-oriented models, 2" depth of cut is standard.

Blade size in scroll saws is denoted by the numbers between 1 and 12. The smallest blades are size 1 to 2, capable of fine ¼-inch cuts on work pieces. The largest is 10-12” size blades, ideal for 2" cuts into both hard and soft kinds of wood. Smaller blades are the best option for delicate carvings.

These saws usually accept two different types of blades. Pinned blades are thicker, and used for thicker cuts on larger work pieces. For more intricate carvings and tighter cuts, unpinned blades are a better option.

Tooled Vs. Toolless Blade Changing

Depending on the project you are working on, you may often have to change the blades on your scroll saw. If your saw does not have toolless blade changing, things can get irritating pretty fast. You will have to take out time to remove and replace the blade, using special tools. Doing this after every cut is not a very pleasant task.

Toolless blade changing is a very useful feature that can speed up your project considerably. But it also comes with some drawbacks. The mechanism involved in attaching and removing the blade quickly can malfunction from time to time. It is an unavoidable compromise that you have to live with, but it is worth it in most instances.

top dremel scroll saw cutting depth woodworking crafts

Scroll Saw Tables

Always take a good look at the work table of a scroll saw before buying. If it is not large enough to accommodate the workpieces you have in mind for the saw, there is no point in buying that saw, is there?

Besides the size of the table, also look at its surface - the materials used, and how smooth or textured it is. Moving the workpiece on the surface should be easy. Try to buy saws with metal tables, as they tend to be more durable.

Some tables have a tilting option, allowing you to make beveled or angled cuts on the workpiece. This can be a very useful feature, as long as the tilting mechanism is easy to control and accurate, as well.

Scroll Saw Arms

The design of the arm can make for a convenient feature, or make it well-nigh useless. When dealing with projects that need accurate and delicate cuts, you need an arm that keeps vibrations to a minimum. This is when choosing the higher quality comes into play.

Some have single pivoting arms, while others use a dual arm design. The single arm saws are cheaper than saws with more complicated dual-arm designs. Choosing the arm design boils down to personal preference and budget.

best scroll saw

Easy Access Controls

This is an incredibly important feature. You want all the control buttons of your scroll saw to be located somewhere that you can quickly reach without moving from your work position. Some saws come with pedal-operated controls, which allow you to use both your hands on the workpiece at all times for improved accuracy.

This is a critical detail that the beginner may not be aware of. Taking into consideration the seemingly simple details such as this deserves the extra thought when deciding on spending those few extra dollars. It will, more likely than not, save you in the long run. Control of the power is also a safety consideration, and since safety is job number one, it can't be taken seriously enough.

All power tools are very dangerous. The scroll saw is no exception. No matter what your skill level may be, observing all of the safety stipulations there are is a best practice. One of the less commonly known for the beginner is to never work alone with power tools. Again, safety cannot be stressed enough. Accidents with power tools cannot be undone. They are very permanent and could end your hobby endeavors all together.

This is not meant to deter. We are all taught safety and doing everything to prevent accidents is rule number one before you even enter your workshop.

  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • No Loose Clothing
  • No Jewelry
  • No Loose Long Hair
  • No Exceptions

There is plenty of information on safety at the power tool dealer and online. Studying all safety procedures is very wise. There are no second chances with power tools. Once more; Safety can not be stressed enough!Becoming an expert on safety is highly recommended. Practice every safety measure every time. Do I have to say it again? Be Safe!

Other Optional Features

  • A dust collection mechanism is a good feature to have but not essential, since these are small saws that create much less dust than other power saws.
  • Work lights on the arm are a bonus feature, especially useful if your work area does not have adequate illumination.
  • Blade storage spaces can be useful as well since most can accept a wide range of blades.
  • Raising arm is beneficial if you want to work from the top of the table on fretwork projects.


best patterns when using your saw for cutting wood in detail

There is no shortage of quality options out there if you are looking for the best scroll saw for beginners and hobbyists. All five tools highlighted here have their strengths and weaknesses. They work with different types of blades, so don't forget to take a look at our purchase and saw blade advice.

All the manufactures of these fine tools strive to provide the best they can. To each his own applies to tool preference as well. One tools weakness is another tools strength. Each individual hobbyist, amateur, beginner and even professional craftsman has singularly unique preferences. This is why options and styles are so varied. There are many universal standards of functionality in the power tool world across the board, but manufacturers are human and competition is fierce, so different stroke for different folks will come into play with different manufactures.

Take the time to research as much as you can and avail yourself of the experts at the point of sale. It's their job to know and to help you with whatever questions you may have. Make notes or even print out this articles reviews to take with you, and make your decision the best one you can.

You've embarked on a life long journey in woodworking and craftsmanship. The fruits of your labor will be everlasting and your progress to professional will be a labor of love. That you've come here to enlighten yourself, and take the knowledge offered to add to your own, is greatly appreciated.

The scroll saw will become your pride and joy when you master its capabilities. Start off on the right foot with your dream of becoming a master woodworker. Remember that no one starts off at the master level. Each and every project you do with your new scroll saw will be a unique achievement like everything else in life, practice makes perfect.

The tools reviewed here are among the best and each was scrutinized for your benefit. Every professional craftsman was a beginner at one point, and they all impart their knowledge and wisdom to those who wish to follow in their footsteps. It's the nature of the creative soul. Avail yourself of their teachings and heed every word. Your world will change at the first flip of that power switch on your new scroll saw. 

If we had to pick a winner from the five, it would have to be the Delta Power Tools 40-694 as the optimal scroll saw for pure performance. But if you are on a budget, the Wen 3920 is an great choice with a long feature list. If you need some further guidance, feel free to check out these scroll tips for beginners.