Best Miter Saw Stand — Our 2020 List of the Top Miter Saw Stands on the Market

Article Last Updated: Wednesday, February 19th 2020

Top Miter Saw Stand for Value – Dewalt DWX725B Miter Saw Stand Reviews

Affordable Heavy Duty Stand includes Miter Saw Mounting Brackets!

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Best Miter Saw Stands: Comparison Table

Regardless of whether you own a good miter saw stand, single or dual bevel miter saws can work pretty much anywhere. All one needs is a stable, flat surface large enough and sturdy enough to safely accommodate their size and weight. That doesn’t mean that miter saw stands are just optional accessories. Pairing a quality stand with the ideal miter saw can greatly enhance cutting performance, and also make it very portable. Our reviews will provide you with guidance you need to make the correct choice and improve your woodworking skills and efficiency.

Pricing Model Weight Capacity Our Quality Rating Customer Feedback
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Dewalt DWX726

300 lbs


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Dewalt DWX723

500 lbs


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Ridgid AC9946

400 lbs


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Hitachi UU240F

400 lbs


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Delta 36-267

350 lbs


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Ryobi Quickstand

300 lbs


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The Best Miter Saw Stands in the Market Today

Reviews of the Top Manufacturer Brands

In this post, we will provide miter saw stand reviews of the major brands who are well known in woodworking industry. We will take a close look at the brand history, their performance trajectory in recent years, and highlight some of the top miter saw stands in their catalogs as well. Our selected shortlist of brands includes five popular options: Ryobi, Ridgid, Delta, Hitachi, and DeWalt. This will be a ranked list, and we will start in descending order, with what we feel is the nicest model out there:

1. Dewalt DWX726 Rolling Miter Stand

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Dewalt Company Overview

The black and yellow liveried brand is one of the most widely known power tool names in the world. The DeWalt brand has a history that goes back to nearly a hundred years. Though it ceased to be an independent company in the 1940s, the brand still has a widely respected reputation in the professional as well as amateur circles. The brand is currently owned by Black & Decker, and it is designated as a professional-grade tools manufacturer. Beyond woodworking, DeWalt power tools are widely used in construction and manufacturing.

We picked DeWalt as our choice for number one for several reasons. For starters, it is a reputed brand in the professional and DIY tools segments, and their products are considered reliable as well as durable. Plus, they have a history of excellence when it comes to saws and accessories; the company was started by the inventor of the first ever radial arm saw.


Pricing is one area where DeWalt holds a significant edge over other pro-grade brands. Granted, they don’t make the cheapest products out there, and the prices can be out of the reach of many amateurs and DIY enthusiasts. But within the professional segment, DeWalt offers extremely competitive prices and outstanding value for money, when compared to higher-priced brands like Festool or Bosch.

DWX726 Features

But what truly sealed the deal for us was the amount of choice the brand provides for compound miter saw owners. DeWalt has more models in their catalog than any other brand on our shortlist. These different models cater to different niches, with feature packed and ultra-portable options thrown into the mix.

For instance, the DWX726 rolling stand is the perfect choice for contractors as well as amateurs who have to frequently move their miter saw from work site to work site. It has a pair of wide rubber wheels which offer excellent mobility. The weight capacity may not be top of the pack but is still more than adequate at around 300lbs.

The stand uses a pneumatic system for raising and lowering system for fast and easy setup. It can be folded up for vertical storage, which takes up much less space. The stand can accommodate pieces up to 8′ in length with extensions. Overall, the tubular steel frame offers excellent stability and accuracy for the saw. Since it is a universal stand, it should work with most miter saws out there.

Other Dewalt Options


For those who prefer heavy load-bearing capacity over portability, DeWalt has another great option, namely the DWX723 Heavy Duty Stand. It uses a simple foldable rail design and is crafted from lightweight aluminum. Despite its lean looks, the stand can handle weights of up to 500lbs. The stand only weighs 35lbs, which makes it quite easy to move around, as well. This is a great option for workshops, as well as occasional visits to job sites. There is also a lighter option with a similar build, the DWX724 Compact Stand. It is smaller and more compact than the 723 and is ideal for those who need a stand that takes up much less real estate.

DWX723 DWX724
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Check Dewalt DWX724 Prices

Dewalt Summary

DeWalt saw stands are not the cheapest, however universal mounting brackets are included. DeWalt offers superior performance to more affordable budget options, be it in terms of reliability, stability, and portability. They also come with all the regular features, like extensions, stops, and more. Their power tools may have slipped up a bit in terms of quality, but in the miter saw accessories market, DeWalt is one of the best options for pros as well as amateurs.

2. Ridgid AC9946 Mobile Stand


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Ridgid Company Overview

Ridgid is an old company, but a relative newcomer to the world of woodworking power tools. Their primary business has always been in plumbing equipment, where they have built up quite a reputation since their inception in 1923. The company ceased to be an independent entity in the 1960s when Emerson Electric acquired them. Though famous mainly for their red wrenches, the brand has forayed recently into power tools, markedly so since the turn of the century.

Ridgid is a pro-grade tools manufacturer, but their power tools are not yet considered really pro-grade in industries like woodworking. Their power tools are manufactured by external OEMs, like Techtronic, the owners of Ryobi. In this market, Ridgid has just one model, the AC9946 Mobile Stand. This is the latest model in the Ridgid catalog, a successor to older versions like the AC9944 and AC9945.


The design is compatible with both sliding and standard miter saws. It has a pair of wheels and features a compact fold and roll system, which announces its credentials as a serious portable stand for pros. It gets all the usual bells and whistles, like quick release mounting brackets, extensions for longer pieces, and material stops.


Some of the other features we liked were the foot pedal which enables an easy one-step setup, and the handles that offer a comfortable multi-grip design. At 65 pounds, the setup is quite heavy even without a saw strapped onboard, but the large wheels provide easy transportation. There is even a storage tray for accessories on the stand. We liked the overall look of the stand, which was beefy to the extreme. There is a comforting feel of stability and strength to this stand, which is further reinforced by the rubber ensconced feet.

The setup and breakdown of the system are speedy and intuitive, using the foot pedal. This stand can carry the miter saw onboard, saving on the time which would have been wasted otherwise in removing the saw.

Ridgid Summary

Ridgid may not have the same reputation as other brands in the power tools segment, but their products are nonetheless priced along the lines of other pro-grade tools and accessories. This is an excellent miter saw stand and is priced on par with the DeWalt line of stands. It might not appeal to weekend warriors and DIY enthusiasts unless they want something to lug their miter saw around town on weekends. For pros, though, we can see the value on offer here, which is why Ridgid made second our list.

3. Hitachi UU240F Heavy-Duty Portable Stand


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Hitachi Company Overview

This brand may be more famous for their consumer electronics like TVs, but that is because this Japanese company has grown into a giant conglomerate that has its fingers in everything from IT, to Railways, Finance, Electronics, Construction, and of course Power Tools and accessories. In this particular niche, though they never reached the cream of the crop status, Hitachi still has some clout as an electronic tools brand, mainly as a mid-tier brand, better than DIY but not yet at the true-pro level.

Most other brands in the power tools segment have seen a history of acquisitions and mergers by other companies, but Hitachi is a notable exception. Over its 107-year history, the brand has not changed ownership even once. It is still owned and operated by the Japanese conglomerate based in Tokyo. With their wide-ranging experience in the electronics industry, they have the ability to churn out some more than decent power tools.

Product Features

The UU240F Heavy Duty Portable Stand is the cheaper option, with a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. It is capable of housing a 12″ sliding compound miter saw, as well as conventional miter saws of most brands, thanks to universal mounting brackets.

Hitachi UU240F

The saw comes with tool-less height adjustments and material support extension. These extensions can go out to a maximum length of 8′ and accommodate longer work pieces. The mounts are rubber covered for improved protection to the saw from scratches. For repetitive cutting, the stand comes with material stops installed. The rubber wheels allow the 50lb stand to be moved quickly from work sites.

Ultra Portable Miter Saw Stand Option – UU240R Fold, and Roll Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand Reviews

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The design of the UU240R is similar to the DeWalt Rolling Stand, with a folding mechanism that can store the miter saw while being rolled around. With this stand, the saw doesn’t have to be removed before transportation, which makes it an excellent option for pros who are constantly on the move. On the downside, it has a lower weight capacity than the UU240F, with a peak capacity of 300lbs. The setup and take down is quick and easy, resulting in lower down times between jobs.

Like the other Hitachi saw stand, this one also supports 12-inch miter saws from different brands. It comes with standard features like auxiliary mounting brackets, adjustable material supports, and adjustable stops for repetitive cuts. The wheels are large and rubberized for maximum convenience and stability even on uneven terrain.

Hitachi Summary

Both Hitachi stands make an attractive proposition for pros as well as amateurs who need a stand with wheels for their miter saw. The final choice may depend on factors like weight capacity and convenience of storage and transport. On the price front, the Hitachi is considerably less expensive than the DeWalt.

Hitachi does not have the durability or build quality of pro brands like Makita, Milwaukee or DeWalt, but it does make accessories that offer better quality than regular consumer-grade brands. This makes them a desirable mid-tier option, ideal for both amateurs as well as pros.

4. Delta 36-267 Heavy Duty Foldable Miter Saw Stand


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Delta Company Overview

At the bottom end of our little ranking table of miter saw stands is a hallowed American brand which has lost its way somewhat. Delta was a big deal in the world of power tools back in the day. The brand traces its history back to 1919, but it reached the big-league after WW II when it was acquired by Rockwell manufacturing.

After a spate of takeovers and acquisitions by other firms, Delta Machinery was finally purchased by Black & Decker in 2005. The latter soon sold it to a Taiwan based company, Chang Type in 2011. Delta lost its way in the 1990s and the early decades of this century as they tried to compete with lower priced consumer brands.

Delta SM105WS

In fact, Delta products from 20 years ago are considered as superior in quality to the latest offerings. With the outsourcing of production to the Far East being a major trend in American power tools sector, the brand has also suffered due to a decrease in manufacturing quality. The company further suffered from consolidation with other consumer grade brands like Porter Cable.

Product Features

Delta has one model, the 36-267 Heavy Duty Foldable Miter Saw Stand. This is another fold and roll stand, which is a popular option for professional use. Like the Ridgid and DeWalt variants, this one also has a thick steel tubing build, which looks pretty sturdy. The weight capacity is a middle of the road 350lbs, which not too shabby and more than enough for most miter saw applications.

Delta 36-267

The stand has universal mounting brackets which can house most standard miter saw models out there. It can safely handle miter saws up to 12″ of blade size. The mounts have a very convenient clamp-on design. The rubber tires are of a generous size and can make rolling and transportation across uneven terrain and even steps quite a breeze. The design allows for easy storage indoors and in trailers, using a vertical position for a smaller footprint.

Delta Summary

Regarding pricing, the Delta is marginally expensive compared to other pro-oriented stands like DeWalt and Its value for money aspect is rather questionable, when we consider its recent failings in the quality and durability segments. It doesn’t have any advanced features beyond the class standard ones, and may not stand for long with daily use. It is not an attractive proposition for the DIY crowd, either, who can find better-priced alternatives elsewhere on this list. Still, the stand is not an utter disaster, which is one reason why it finds itself featured on our shortlist.

5. Ryobi Universal Miter Saw Quickstand


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Ryobi Company Overview

Ryobi has a bit of a reputation as a premium, consumer-grade power tools manufacturer, rather than a real professional brand, but it offers superior value for money. Rather than an out and out product for the pros, Ryobi stands are more of a DIY’er/amateur product available at extremely affordable rates.

Ryobi is a very famous Japanese brand, which has a history dating back to more than seven decades. The Ryobi Power Tools brand is currently owned by Techtronic Industries, an investment company based in Hong Kong. They are the same folks who own other famous brands like AEG, Milwaukee, Homelite and Hoover US.

Product Features

Ryobi only has one stand model in their catalog, the Universal Miter Saw Quickstand. It has a simple, no-frills design, with a horizontal rail design and four pull out legs. This is an excellent option for a home workshop setup. There are two variants on sale, with a primary difference in their weight capacity and extension length. The smaller option can hold a maximum of 300lbs, and has extensions that can reach out to a length of 7′. The larger model can support 400lbs, and has a reach that is two inches longer at 9′.

Other than that, the specifications are virtually the same for both models. They both have a steel frame and legs for maximum stability. The legs are padded for extra support on all kinds of surfaces. The mounting brackets come clad in traditional Ryobi green shade and can accommodate almost all brands of miter saws. With a quick release mechanism, these brackets are easy to operate. Mounting and removing the saw from the stand is incredibly easy.


The lack of roller wheels makes this stand a less portable option, and at 42lbs it is not the most lightweight option out there. It is not recommended for pros who need something that can roll their saws around a job site, but for a stationary usage profile, this saw stand is perfect.


For repetitive cutting, the stand comes with convenient stops. The extensions also allow the saw to be used on longer workpieces. The Ryobi saw stand comes with an adjustable height option that is extremely user-friendly. It requires no special tools and can be easily manipulated by hand.

Ryobi Summary

Priced reasonably for the larger model, and almost half of that for the compact version, the Ryobi saws offer fantastic value for money for the average DIY enthusiast and even some pros on a budget. The brand is not known for the kind of durability and sturdiness we associate with professional tools and accessories, but this stand can still hold its own, especially if used in a stationary position in a workshop or garage.

We wouldn’t recommend this stand for the daily grind, to be carried from job site to site, but it is still a viable option for weekend warriors and DIY amateurs. It can also work well for pros who need a cheap and affordable saw stand for shop use.

Build your own Portable Miter Saw Table?

For amateur woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts working out of their garage/workshop area, a miter saw stand is not a necessity. There is no need to for beginners to go out and purchase top quality Festool stands. Any suitable workbench or table can effectively hold the saw. For DIY folks, we would even go ahead and recommend a homemade miter saw stand as a gratifying project. Tables and workbenches can even be modified to provide better support and additional features like clamps and extensions to provide the same performance as a store-bought saw stand.

Do I need a Miter Saw Stand?

While ordinary benches and tables (and even buckets and stools) may get the job done in a pinch, that is simply not an option for professionals, especially contractors who have to move from work site to work site. Appropriate work surfaces may not be available everywhere. For these pros, and serious amateurs who use their miter saw on a near constant basis, a stand is a pretty much mandatory accessory.


The miter saw stand market is filled with products aimed at both amateurs, DIY experts and professionals. Hopefully our reviews have helped guide you in the right direction.

Stands are available in several designs, each aimed at a particular niche of buyers. These stands are compatible with multiple brands, which mean that we don’t have to worry about compatibility between miter saws and stand brands. While pro-grade accessories will cost more on average, excellent amateur-oriented products are also available. We found some of these cheaper models to be good enough for professionals who are on a lower budget, as well. With the right kind of research, anybody can safely buy a miter saw stand for their woodworking needs.