Best Manual Pole Saws for Easy Branch Pruning

One of the easiest ways to cut or trim branches is by using the best manual pole saw. This tool is popularly known as several other names, such as tree pruners or pole pruners, and is highly practical and versatile. One of the biggest benefits of having a manual pole saw is that it gives the user the ability to get full control over the tree pruning process.

This power tool is an ideal choice when you have small amounts of edging, cutting, or trimming to perform. However, the downside is that there are hundreds of it on the market, and this can make selecting one extremely difficult.

So, to make your job easier for you, we will be reviewing five fantastic manual pole saws that are designed to lasts for years. Let’s dive right in!

Comparison Chart

SILKY New Professional Series 179-39 Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw HAYAUCHI 390, 21-Feet

ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole Saw

Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner (93016059J)

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit with 3 Poles

Milliard 7-14 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw with 3-Sided Blade

Best Manual Pole Saw Reviews

Since there are many options for manual pole saws on the market, we had to try and test out several of them to find the best of the best. After carefully evaluating each one, we concluded that the following five below are fantastic tools.

1. Silky Telescopic 179-39 Manual Pole Saw

Silky is a company that manufactures its saws on the Ono region of Japan. The brand is known for its consistent, high-quality steel, which has some of the lowest amounts of impurities in comparison to other types of steel.

The brand is backed with almost a century of hand saw technology and superior craftsmanship, and their saws are considered some of the best in the market.


The Silky Telescopic 179-39 Manual Pole Saw is a fantastic tool that is used for park maintenance, landscaping, forestry operations, and so much more. Homeowners and professional landscapists alike can take advantage of this saw.

  • The Pole

The pole has an amazing ability to extend to lengths ranging between eight feet and 21 feet. Plus, it gives you a maximum working distance of about 26 feet. The pole itself is made from rubber and aluminum.

  • The Blade

The blade is made from a very high-quality carbon metal and comes with a configuration of about 5.5 teeth/inch. Furthermore, it has an operating weight of roughly seven pounds, making it very easy to operate even for long periods. This is a superior-quality blade that minimizes the effort of sawing a branch.

The blade comes with a hook, which is fitted on its tip. This helps in pulling out weeds or sawed branches from a tree. The blade’s back is a scabbard, which will prevent it from slipping off branches.

  • Performance

This pole saw comes with a variety of features that will turn landscaping your garden into a fun activity. While it is lightweight, it is also quite strong enough to do heavy-duty jobs and even handle industrial projects.

This blade is so reliable that you can even use this to cut branches that are only an arm’s length away from you. If you want to remove the head of the saw, it requires no tools at all and takes barely any time or effort.


  • Extends easily
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Meant for home and professional use
  • Ergonomically designed and lightweight
  • Has a removable blade


  • Not the most budget-friendly pole saw

2. ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole Saw

ARS Corporation has been defining the state of pruning tools since 1876. Their tools are some of the sharpest on the market and are engineered to hold their edge longer than most. Furthermore, they are quite well balanced, durable and lightweight.

This brand’s collection of tools is mainly designed for professionals who are looking for reliable tools that can consistently deliver high performance. We would recommend using this telescoping pole saw if you are comfortable with a six-foot pruning distance and are looking for a tool for heavy-duty work.


The ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole Saw is a brilliant tool that extends up to six feet. While this is considerably shorter than the previous pole saw, it still works phenomenally well thanks to its fantastic quality.

This pole saw comes with a straight arborist blade, which is about 13 inches long, it is manufactured and designed for precise sawing and cutting. The blade will allow you to cut straight without letting the plant bend, get stuck, or end up in some other awkward position. It works brilliantly in tough weeds and dense growth.

The weight of the tool—that is, the blade and the pole together—is a little less than two pounds. This makes it extremely simple to use. Since the pole can be shortened down to four feet, it makes an ideal tool to prune inaccessible twigs and branches.

The pole is made from a durable material that resists wobbling, bending, and even rust. This comes with a comfortable grip too, which makes it ergonomic and easy to prune and saw with.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Not too heavy
  • Has a hard-wearing design
  • Features a very sharp blade
  • Delivers precision cutting
  • Ideal for thorny bushes and weeds


  • Extends only up to six feet

3. Fiskars 93016059J Extendable Tree Pruner

Fiskars is a brand that was established as an ironworks in Fiskars, a small Finnish village, back in 1649. Today, the brand has grown considerably to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of consumer products for gardening, outdoors, and home.

Through this company’s superior-quality products that are well-designed, their experts are able to make everyday living much easier.


The Fiskars 93016059J is a fantastic and highly durable pole saw. It easily extends up to 14 feet and comes with a phenomenal power-lever technology, which gives the user the ability to cut over two times more than its counterparts on the market.

The Woodzig 15-inch blade comes with a low-friction coating, which makes it much more resistant to rust and will prevent tree sap and residue from clogging its teeth. This ultimately makes the saw more convenient to use for cutting and sawing alike.

In terms of the pole, it is made from a strong, durable, and lightweight fiberglass. This is designed in a manner to provide the user with a hassle-free and superior pruning experience. The pole is fitted with a quick-release thumb lock, which keeps the pole securely locked in its place. Additionally, this will help in quickly and effortlessly adjust the pole.

While it does come with some amazing features, we would not recommend this to consumers looking to use it professionally. Unfortunately, the blade on this pole saw is unable to cut branches that are over two inches thick. This has a great effect on the pole saw’s application.

However, if you want a pole saw for routine maintenance of plants, then we highly recommend this one from Fiskars. It has a strong and solid pole, which makes it worth every penny.


  • Enables precision pruning and cutting
  • Comes with a reliable cutting technology
  • Can easily extend up to 14 feet
  • Strong and durable pole
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal to use for thick branches

4. Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Pole Saw

Jameson is a part of WCT Products, which was established in 1980. This is a trusted brand in the municipality, utility, and associated contractor industries.

While the brand is small and family-owned, they aim to provide clients with the best products and customer service as much as they possibly can. All of their products have excellent quality and are long-lasting.


The Jameson LS-6PKG-6 is a pole saw that easily extends up to 18 feet in length. It comes with amazing features, such as aluminum ferrules, along with an external leaf spring locking button that adds an extra level of convenience.

It also comes with a three-pole interlocking system that offers more height options along with versatility. It has a barracuda tri-cut saw blade that is 16 inches in length but can also be replaced with a 13-inch one from Jameson.

This pole has a brilliant quality. It comes with a strong grip and has an overall ergonomic design that makes it balance quite well. It offers the ideal efficiency and stability that you need from a good pole saw. The blade is quite decent too. It does a good job at pruning and sawing branches.

This pole saw is an ideal choice for those looking for a long-lasting and durable power that is capable of doing commercial applications and heavy-duty jobs with absolute ease. The only thing that feels like a challenge is taking the three poles apart.


  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Quite durable and sturdy
  • Has a very long reach
  • The blade can be easily replaced


  • Slightly heavier than its counterparts
  • Setting the pole up requires time and some effort

5. Milliard Tree Pruner and Pole Saw

Milliard is a brand that started its operation in 2009. It began as a small family business that sold candles from a garage to a brand that sells different types of products such as pool supplies, pet supplies, toys, personal care items, bedding, and much more.

The brand is based in New Jersey, United States, and they design and test all of their products out there before they sell it all over the world.


The Milliard Tree Pruner and Pole Saw easily extends up to a length of up to 14 feet. It is made from fiberglass and comes with a three-sided blade that is made from SK5 high-carbon steel.

This tool features a non-stick coating that prevents the accumulation of plant residue and materials between its teeth. Another interesting feature of this pole saw is that it comes with a Double Tackle Compound Pulley System, which helps in cutting even thicker branches.

As far as quality is concerned, there is definitely some room for improvement. However, for its price, it is quite decent. The pole is quite strong and solid, offers accuracy, and it does not wobble. The pole also lets you have full control over it when you use it.

The downside of this pole saw's blade is that, even though it comes with its own unique system, it will only saw through branches that have a diameter less than 1.5 inches only. This does limit it to be used for basic maintenance and not for professional applications.


  • Easily extendable
  • Decent quality
  • Comes with a system to painlessly cut through branches


  • Not ideal for professional use
  • Blade could have been better

Manual Pole Saw Buying Guide

When put simply, a pole saw is basically a saw at the end of a pole. These tools come as either powered or manual ones. We, in particular, will be talking about manual pole saws.

A manual pole saw has a pruning saw attached to the end of the pole. It is used primarily to prune large shrubs and trees. It gives you the ability to remove branches, which would typically require you to use a step ladder.

Manual pole saws are also ideal for reaching places deep inside the shrubs and bushes. Pole saws are every landscapists’ favorite tool, and it is highly recommended to have this tool in your arsenal for regular garden maintenance.

Things to Consider when Buying a Manual Pole Saw

If you need a good manual pole saw, then there are certain features of it that you should not compromise on. If you don’t know what these particular features are, we will be giving you a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you make an informed decision the next time you go to buy a manual pole saw.

  • Length of the Pole

Always look for a manual pole saw that comes with an extendable length. It does not matter whether the poles shift outwards or if it requires multiple segments that have to be connected.

In fact, in order to know what exact length would best suit your garden, gauge by looking around to know how long the pole needs to be for you to access it.

  • The Material of the Pole

When you are pruning those thicker and tougher branches, you are bound to put more force on the pole. Hence, it becomes essential that the pole is made from a solid and durable material.

We recommend that you stick to materials such as fiberglass and aluminum. While there are indeed sturdier materials, these two are particularly strong, but they are very lightweight at the same time. The pole is the only way you will be able to control the blade. If it is heavy, your hands will get tired, and you will lose efficiency.

Choosing fiberglass or aluminum ensures that the pole won’t bend, snap, or break when you are underneath its sharp blade. You also need to pay close attention to the connection between the blade and the pole. That too needs to be sturdy and durable.

  • Blade

A manual pole saw must have a blade that is made from the best. Typically, you will find most manufacturers making pole saw blades with high-carbon SK5 steel. Anything other than this material will require you to do ample research on it before you buy it.

Determine its rust-resistance level and its durability. Blades also tend to have a coating, which is meant to repel all the plant materials and keep the saw’s teeth clean. Some blades come with a sheath on the backside, which is there to make sure that blade will stay on the branch.

You should pay close attention to the blade's cutting ability too. Obviously, you can’t expect it to cut through a 50-inch tree trunk. However, its maximum cutting ability should not be lesser than two or three inches.

Make sure you read the blade’s specifications to know what tools or features are fitted to it. Some blades have a quick-release button while some can only be removed with the help of a tool.

  • Quality

Among all the things to consider for a pole saw, its quality is the most important. While a shorter pole or a grip that is not as comfortable are factors that could lead to frustration, they still get the job done. Poor-quality pole saws will just result in a tough time when you use them.

We advise that you never compromise on the quality. If you cannot afford a good pole saw, invest in one that still has good quality but may not be as versatile or is using older technology. An excellent way to determine the quality of a pole saw is to read unbiased, genuine reviews about it.


And, there you have it! Those are the best manual pole saws currently out on the market. These five manual pole saws are all good investments, which is why selecting any one of them will not leave you disappointed in any way.

Then again, of the five, we do have a personal favorite, and that is the Silky Telescopic 179-39 Manual Pole Saw. This manual pole saw has the most durable and solid pole, which extends up to a whopping 21 feet. Its blade is adequately sharp and can cut through those stubborn bushes as well. Most importantly, it has an excellent quality that makes it worth every penny.