Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw: Which One to Buy?

One of the major dilemmas that several tool enthusiasts face is deciding between corded vs cordless circular saw. There are some obvious benefits to each of them. For a corded circular saw, it will offer you a ton of power which is essential for those heavy-duty jobs. But the downside is that the cord keeps movement with the saw restricted.

On the other hand, a cordless saw is designed for you to carry it around anywhere, and there is ample freedom when it comes to movement. However, it may not be powerful enough for all sorts of jobs.

Hence, how do you decide which is better for you between these two? To make things easier for you and help you make an informed decision, we have decided to talk about each of them in detail.

What Is a Circular Saw: A Quick Overview

A circular saw is a type of power tool which lets you cut through materials with the help of a blade. This could be either handheld or it could be mounted on a table. It allows carpenters and cabinetmakers to do a variety of different cuts.

A circular saw uses a round blade which has sharp metal teeth edges. There are various blades available which allow the craftsmen to cut through several materials such as timber, lumber, concrete board, and paneling. You will also find specialized blades which are used to cut through metal sheets.

Majority of the circular saw will allow the user to adjust the depth and the height of the cut. There are also quite a few of them which are designed to create bevel cuts. Keep in mind that if you are going for a handheld circular saw, you will have to choose between a right-handed saw or left-handed saw, as per your preference.

Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw: The Pros and Cons

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a circular saw is, it is time we talk about the pros and cons of corded and cordless circular saws individually.

Corded Circular Saws


Here are the things you would appreciate with corded circular saws:

  • No Replacement

One of the biggest advantages of a corded circular saw is the cord itself. With the cord, you will not be required to buy any replacement tools at any point. That is because it does not function on batteries like the cordless circular saw.

Cordless saws over time and use get damaged and worn out, which ultimately forces the user to buy replacements. This is an additional cost.

  • Superior Power

A corded circular saw typically comes with a 7.25-inch blade whereas a majority of the cordless saws come with a 6.5-inch blade. It is obvious that a larger blade will move further from the axis and the tips will move faster.

All of those mean they come with superior cutting power; hence, corded circular saws are recommended more for heavy-duty cutting jobs such as masonry, continuous wood cutting, and steel works.

  • Cost-Effective

All of the above points also indicate that corded circular saws are much more cost effective. Not just are these cost-effective but they are also cheaper than a cordless circular saw, usually by half.


Some corded circular saw users often complain about the following:

  • Interference

Let’s face it: cords can often interfere with any project. There is also a possibility that they can get cut or damaged in the process, which will force the user to shell out more money to fix it. Additionally, if the cords are pushed beyond their limits, especially when working on very long boards, it will end up damaging the whole profile.

  • Inconvenience

When there is no power supply close by, it can cause a massive inconvenience. In addition, electricity breakdowns also end up causing delays in a project.

Cordless Circular Saws


When using a cordless saw, these are the things you would love about it:

  • Convenience

Undoubtedly, cordless circular saws offer great convenience. The user can carry the saw with them wherever they go, regardless of whether there is a power supply or not. This ability to work anywhere with it is what makes it a contractor's favorite.

  • Safety

In comparison to a corded circular saw, a cordless one is much safer. You do not have to be worried about the cords being left around, which you would typically have to with a corded saw which could lead to tripping and falling.

  • All-in-One

A great advantage of cordless circular saws is that most of these models are sold as a full set of different tools. This means you don’t end up spending on additional tools, which is a great money-saving option.

  • Time-Saving

Cordless circular saws can help save a lot of time in comparison to a corded one. This is mainly because you do not have to worry about dealing with extensions and long cords which need additional care. You also do not have to worry about finding a power supply for the saw.


The problems you would commonly encounter when using cordless circular saws are:

  • Battery Life

Since cordless circular saws run on battery, they obviously have their limitations. You end up spending time recharging its battery, and once it is worn out, you have to replace it, which is not at all cheap.

  • Price

Cordless circular saws are quite expensive, and if you will be using this regularly, then you have to invest in an extra battery pack as well.

  • Power

In general, cordless circular saws are not as powerful as its corded counterpart. What’s worse is that if the battery is not charged fully, it will lack even more power. In such cases, it will take a lot of time to complete even the simplest of tasks.

  • Size

Another downside of cordless circular saws is that they tend to be heavier than corded saws, as they have a massive battery attached to it. This adds more weight to the machine and working with them for more extended periods will make you tired much faster.


In all honesty, when it comes to choosing between corded vs cordless circular saw, it is not necessarily an either/or proposition. As you can see, both the circular saws come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

That being said, we would recommend using corded circular saws if you are the kind that would use it regularly; typically, a carpenter. Stick to the cordless circular saw if you are using it once in a while for small projects. This is ideal for a homeowner to keep it as a part of their home improvement tools.