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Our large team of experienced woodworkers have analyzed and reviewed the top saws on the market today. We believe it is essential to have the correct tools in order to successfully complete your projects. We welcome your comments and experiences in order to provide woodworkers across the globe with the best advice for how to purchase the correct tools.


Best Table Saws

We analyzed over 50 table saws and narrowed it down to these five elite machines.


Best Miter Saw Stand

The stability of a miter saw stand is arguably just as important as the saw you are using.


Best Circular Saws

The flexibility and versatility of a quality circular saw can drastically increase productivity.


Woodworking Advice

We cover all things woodworking in this section. We’ll help you determine the proper tools, wood, and even glue for your next project.


Rotorazer Saw Reviews

When searching for a mini circular saw the Rotorazer is probably the most popular model out there. In this article we determine if this saw is for you.


Best Jigsaw

Check out our extensive list of Jigsaws for your new DIY projects.


Top Scroll Saws in 2018

In this section we evaluate and review individual scroll saws. We’ll also breakdown different types pattern ideas for your next project. 


Best Shop Vacs

Use our guide to find the best shop vacs for dust collection and wet dry cleanup.

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