Best Circular Saw - Top 10 Circular Saws for 2018

Article Last Updated: Tuesday, April 9th 2019

For people who do a great deal of home repair or carpentry, having the right tools means finishing a job promptly. Cutting needs to take place during some of these projects, so having the best circular saw to do the job is a necessity. Saws are perfect for these tasks because of their portable, handheld nature. Smaller handheld devices like the rotorazer will not be reviewed here. We have compiled a list of the best high quality circular saws out there for home projects and carpenters alike. 

1. Dewalt DWE575SB - Best Overall

DEWALT's DWE575SB circular saw is lightweight in comparison to other saw options as it only weighs about 8.8 pounds and measures 7 ¼ inches in the blade diameter. The overall measurements are 10.12 inches by 16.25 inches by 10.5 inches. This saw is a corded electric variety that puts out 15 amps of power on 120 volts. Its maximum output on watts is 1950. It does have an electric brake, but it does not have a rear pivot. The design of this saw allows for greater balance in use, which will minimize fatigue in the arm while operating it.

Additionally, it has a bevel capacity of 57 degrees, and the bevel stops are at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. The no-load speed is 5200 rotations per minute. Furthermore, the depth of cut at 90 degrees is 2.55 inches, and the depth of cut at 45 degrees is 1.9 inches. It also includes a ball bearing lower guard with a durable design, which also prevents dust from contaminating the retraction motion. If you are cutting concrete we do recommend a worm drive saw. 

This circular saw is great for many applications. People who install frames will find it easy to carry from one job to the next, and much the same can be said of people who remodel homes.It comes with a carrying case for protection against bending and warping, but it can also be used for safe storage means, too.

Another added benefit from using this skill saw lies in its durability. The Tough Cord design focuses three-times more resistance for cord pull outs. In other words, the cord will not break down and fray over time. Another nice feature lies in the ergonomic design of the handles and trigger. Furthermore, the electric brake starts working only a few seconds after the trigger is released, which is a needed safety feature in some cases. Therefore, repetitive cuts can be performed faster and with more accuracy.

Other than coming with the carrying case, this skill saw also features a starter blade and instruction manual. Another great feature of this model is the integrated dust blower included in its design. Dust will not clog up interior parts, making it safer to use. Therefore, gears can keep moving and cutting with a smoother experience overall, making this design of high-quality performance.

2. SKIL 5280 - Best for Power 

SKIL provides a 15 amp saw in their 5280-01 model, which provides more power than other saws on the market. The saw blade itself is 7 ¼ inches in diameter, making it the perfect size for projects on the go. This model is also 15 percent lighter than the previous saw models by SKIL, meaning it will not tire out our arms as easily. We also have found the single beam laser to be a nice addition to this saw because it allows a more accurate, straighter cut. Even though the beam cannot be adjusted, it still provides the perfect guideline to follow.

Another benefit to this model is the carrying case with which it comes. This carrying case makes transporting the saw easier, true, but it also provides a sense of safety. Allowing a saw to roam free outside of the carrying case can not only damage other materials and tools, but it can also place the user at risk for injury. Furthermore, the blade can bend or warp if a carrying case is not used.

A 51-degree bevel has been designed into SKIL's 5280-01 saw with a positive stop occurring at 45 degrees. These two features combine for the sake of generating a greater cutting experience overall. This saw measures 9.75 inches by 14.25 inches by 8.5 inches, and it requires 120-volts of power since it operates on electricity. It also weighs 8.7 pounds and possesses 2.5 horsepower.

SKIL claims this saw is meant for a more experienced user because of the advanced features it possesses. The 15 amps allow it to cut through lumber and sheet rock quickly, but it requires a steady hand for the power it contains. Another included accessory with this saw is the 24-tooth carbide blade and a wrench for replacing the blades once they are dull.

Unlike other saws, this model does not possess an auto on the switch. Instead, it operates on a trigger style. This feature allows for greater control over the saw during use. A shaft lock is also provided to make changing blades safer and easier. Furthermore, the plate is made of steel, and though the steel is not very thick, it still makes for a durable saw.

3. Dewalt DWE575 - Best for Durability

DEWALT offers their DWE575 model, which is another 7 ¼ inch saw. This saw is equally lightweight to other saws on this list at 8.8 pounds. It also includes an electric brake for safety purposes. It measures 10.12 inches by 16.25 inches by 10.5 inches, and it operates on electricity. Therefore, batteries are not needed. It requires 120 volts of power. The maximum output on wattage is 1950, and it has a no-load speed of 5,200 rotations per minute. It does not have a rear pivot, though.

The blade diameter of 7 ¼ inches reaches a depth of cut of 2.55 inches at 90 degrees and 1.9 inches at 45 degrees. The bevel stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees, and the bevel capacity is 57 degrees. The ball bearing lower guard is what provides the most durability, which will prevent dust contamination for a smooth retraction. More durability comes from the high-grade stamped aluminum shoe to provide smooth cutting at an accurate rate. The lower guard allows for bevel cuts to be performed with ease because of the integrated dust blower, which allows a straighter line of sight. The electric cord is made with Tough Cord technology, which provides more stability when the cord is pulled out.

Dewalt DWE575

This model also features onboard blade wrench storage, which makes blade changes easier in the long run. For safety with storage and transport, it includes a carrying case. This carrying case will also help to ensure that the blade does not bend or warp during transport and storage. This storage case is made from durable materials for the sake of wrapping hard metal securely. Its shape resembles a doctor's medicine bag, and it has rubber feet on the bottom.

It also features 22.5 to 45-degree detents, and it has a maximum depth capacity of 2 9/16 inches. This depth allows for a variety of applications. Therefore, this saw works well on projects around the home just as much as it works well on construction jobs. While the saw blade that comes with this model is durable, other options for replacements last far longer.

The Allen wrench included in this package is adjustable for all of the wrench exchanges that need to be made. Such a wrench allows for the blade to be set at 90 degrees with a square. This feature is only mentioned in the manual, and it can be found on other models as well.

4. WORXsaw WX429L - Best for Versatility 

WORX's WORXsaw model WX429L is a great little saw for handheld purposes. It has a smaller saw blade at 4 ½ inches, so it might not handle larger projects as well as other, larger saw blades. At the same time, it can cut through 2X4s with a single pass, even though it weighs about 50 percent less than the traditional, 7 ¼ inch saw. Since the blade is smaller, it operates under less strain, which means it has the same speed as a full-sized saw. With this less strain, it will also perform to the same level as a larger saw, too.

The depth gauge lever can be easily set between zero and 45 degrees for bevel settings, but this adjustment happens rather quickly and with ease. The left-sided blade design allows for seeing the cut line with great visibility, and the grip is also integrated with a safety trigger. This design focuses on comfort, balance, and control.

The entire package includes the saw itself and a 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade. It also includes a parallel guide, a vacuum adapter, and Allen key for changing blades. WORX also provides a three-year warranty on this model, meaning it can be exchanged for parts or completely replaced with no questions asked. The power source for this saw is AC power adapter, and the cord is strong enough to prevent fraying.

This compact saw measures 4.17 inches by 15.08 inches by 5.79 inches. It only weighs six pounds, making it the lightest saw thus far. For people looking to just do small projects around the house, this model is perfect in design and usability. Furthermore, replacement blades for this model are made by various brands, and they can be purchased for a rather affordable price. It will also work on a 220-volt adaptor without any problem of overloading the socket and power supply.

Even though this saw is smaller than other ones on the market, it stands up to power over the course of time. It can power through some stronger wood materials with more power and precision than some cheaper 7 ¼ inch models. It can rip through sheets of plywood and fencing material as well. For people with larger hands, though, the grip system might be a little more difficult to handle overall.

5. Ryobi P505 - Best for Value 

Ryobi's P505 model is also a compact saw. It measures a little larger than WORX's model at 5 ½ inches. It also operates on 18 volts, which makes for lesser power consumption. The front pommel hand is designed for two-handed operation, unlike WORX model that can be used with one hand. This design aligns more with the design found in 7 ¼ inch saws. It also has an improved grip zone over mold for optimum grip and user comfort. The blade sits on the left side, which makes for better visibility of the cut line. It can cut up to 1 9/16 inches at 90 degrees and 1 1/8 inches at 45 degrees.

The arbor size of the blade on this saw is 10 millimeters. The packaging also includes a 5 ½ inch carbide blade, which makes for a longer blade life. This saw operates at 4,700 rotations per minute, and it does not have a load speed. It operates on batteries, and the batteries are not included. Batteries can be purchased separately, along with the power charging packs. Packaging only includes the blade and the saw. New batteries do not need to be purchased for people who have older batteries from other Ryobi tools.

It does not have a laser guide, but it can still be easily used with the visible cut line. Regardless of this fact, it can still cut cleanly through 2X4s and 2X6s. This model has more plastic parts than older models, but they mostly focus on the grip parts. It can also come with the instruction manual and the key needed to change the blade assembly. While it does not put out a lot of horsepower, it does work through a lot of materials with ease.

For people who are fans of Ryobi's other models, this saw's power comes as no surprise. It can easily be used with other tools in the Ryobi family, which is great for minimizing the number of batteries that need to be purchased over time. The cordless feature is great for going from one project to another, and it reduces the chances of tripping over wires and cords. Additionally, the saw will stop automatically if too much force is applied to it during cutting, making for a great safety measure.

6. Black & Decker BDCCS20B - Best Circular for Battery Power

Black & Decker's BDCCS20B is a workhorse when it comes to battery operated saws. It works on an exchangeable, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. For people who have other Black & Decker products that run on similar batteries, this saw is a nice addition to that collection. On the other hand, for people who do not have those other tools, this tool can require some extra investment. It does not come with any of the batteries, so they need to be purchased separately with the charging dock.

The battery operates at a maximum of 20 volts, and it can perform endless tasks for hours at a time. For people using it on a work job, though, several charged batteries might be needed to manage through the work day. Therefore, some construction workers and house remodeling crews might not consider these batteries to be ideal. Therefore, they might decide to go with a corded model instead.

We would also suggest a corded model if you are looking to convert your circular saw into a makeshift table saw.

This saw features high torque, despite being only 5 ½ inches in size. The blade works fast and does a variety of cuts among different jobs. The tool-free depth of cut is also easily adjusted. The bevel adjustments have detents at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Considering the amount of power it puts out, the design is rather compact.

Black & Decker's BDCCS20B model only weighs about 5.1 pounds, which is extremely lighter than other models on this list. At the same time, it measures 14.1 inches by 8.2 inches by 8.9 inches. It also comes with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The blades can be changed with ease. Pressing the spindle lock button behind the blade guard releases the metal clamp washer assembly under the blade bolt. Turning this bolt releases the spinning assembly. Then, the old blade can be removed, and the new one can be added on. Reversing the process is quite easy, too.

Easy Blade Change

There are a few downsides to this saw. It does not have the same power as all of the 7 ¼” saws because of the battery power. It also does not have a path or tool for ejecting the sawdust. Therefore, some people who work on larger projects might find this saw does not exactly meet their needs. It is perfect for people who need to do a few tasks around the house or who need to do some quick jobs on the go at job sites and house remodels.

7. Porter-Cable PCE310 - Best for Balance 

Porter-Cable's PCE310 is an improvement over the PCE300 in some ways. It puts out 15 amps of power, and it runs at 5,500 rotations per minute. Therefore, it can power through many applications. It also has a magnesium show and upper and lower guards made of metal for added durability and safety. The spindle lock and depth adjustment can be changed with ease while on the job, meaning that much time does not need to be taken for changing out blades. It weighs about nine pounds, making it one of the heavier models on this list. Therefore, it can cause some arm fatigue from time to time so that some breaks might be needed.

This model measures 9.0 inches by 14.0 inches by 7.0 inches, making it rather compact for its weight. The blade measures 7 ¼ inches, which is standard for most saws. Additionally, the bevel cuts are as follows: 1 7/8 inches at 45 degrees and 2 ½ inches at 90 degrees. It also has detents at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. It also has an aux handle that provides comfort without obstructing the line of sight.

One downside some people might find with this model is it does not come with a case. This can pose a problem during transportation and storage. A case cannot be found separately, so it needs to be stored in a toolbox when not in use. On the other hand, the build quality for porter cable trim saws is solid, and it can rival better-known brands with ease. Despite the heavier weight, it is a balanced saw, and it can be used for many projects.

8. Makita HS7600 - Best for Accuracy

Makita is a lesser known brand to some people, but the HS7600 is a powerful saw. It falls in line with the standard 7 ¼-inch saw, but it delivers 10.5 amps of power. It also operates at 5,200 rotations per minute, which means it will cut through almost any material with ease. It also has a large cutting capacity. At 90 degrees, the cut depth is 2 ½ inches, and the cut depth at 45 degrees is 1 5/8 inches. Despite its power and abilities, this saw only weighs 8.6 pounds, which will reduce the amount of arm fatigue during use. The lower guard allows for improved performance for bevel and narrow cuts. It is also made of heavy-gauge aluminum with a wraparound base that has been engineered for improved durability. It will also make straighter cuts, even though it does not come with a laser guide. This model measures 16 inches by 11 inches by 8.4 inches.

This model was made specifically with framers in mind as it combines power and performance. It also possesses many easy-to-use features. Furthermore, it focuses on superior balance and job site durability. For framers, this model was made to be more compact than other models. The maximum bevel capacity measures from zero degrees to 45 degrees. It can be used on framing walls, siding, roofs, and floors since it can be used on a variety of materials. It can even work on engineered lumber, including OSB, LVL, PSL, and plywood.

This model does not come with a case, and a case cannot be purchased separately. Therefore, this tool needs to be stored in some toolbox during transport and storage. This downside comes as no surprise, considering the brand is not well known. However, it can make for dangerous situations during transport, and it can lead to the blade becoming bent or warped. It also does not support 220-volt adaptation, so it can only be used with 120 volts of the power supply.

9. PORTER-CABLE PCE300 - Best for Strength 

Porter-Cable's PCE300 saw is made of heavy duty steel. It's a shoe saw, and it operates on 15 amps of power. This saw moves at 5,500 rotations per minute, which means it can power through applications with ease. The shoe is made of magnesium, and the upper and lower guards are made of metal for added durability. It has a spindle lock, as well. The depth adjustment can be made with this spindle lock quite easily. It weighs a little more than other models at 9.5 pounds, but all of the extra weight serves to make a stronger saw.

It also has an aux handle that provides comfort and a clear line of sight. The package includes the saw, a 7 ¼-inch carbide blade made with 18 teeth. It also comes with Allen wrenches needed to change out the blades. This model measures 9 inches by 14 inches by 7 inches, which is small for the total design and weight. At 45 degrees, the depth of cut is 1 7/8 inches. On the other hand, the depth of cut at 90 degrees is 2 ½ inches. Porter-Cable provides a three-year warranty for this saw with some limitations.

This model also has a metal blade protector, and it can have a hard slop when it comes to moving from side to side. Other saws have less wiggle room, so some adjustment needs to be made to the ease of use for this model. While some of Porter-Cable's other tools are known for being a lower end in cost, they are often not lower end in quality. The company knows how to focus on tool design for the best price deal.

Porter-Cable's PCE300 is made for construction-work quality, meaning it can handle any job around the house or on the job site with ease. The key here is to have a strong blade. Many replacement blades can be purchased elsewhere for this saw, and most of them are stronger than the blade that comes with the original package. This packaging does not include a carrying case, so it should be stored in a tool chest during transport and in-between uses. Such a situation helps to reduce the risk of injury and to provide a safe storage environment.

10. Black & Decker BDECS300C - Best with Laser Feature

Black & Decker's BDECS300C saw comes equipped with a laser guide, which will help users to make straighter, more accurate cuts. The bevel and depth adjustments are also easy to use. It focuses on 13 amps of power, and it has a spindle lock mechanism to help make changing blades easier. It comes with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. It is also lightweight in design in comparison to other saws at seven pounds, which means it will reduce arm fatigue. It measures 14 inches by 9.9 inches by 8 inches, and it operates on 120 volts. The cord it runs on is durable in design to prevent risks of electrocution from breaking or fraying. The packaging includes the saw, a hex key for changing blades, and a 7 ¼ circular blade. It does not include a carrying case, though.

Even though this model comes with a laser cutter, some people have found difficulties in making the saw stay on a straight path. At the same time, it cannot be seen well under bright lighting conditions, so people who spend a great deal of time working outside might not find benefits of having this cutting guide. Additionally, blades have been known to jam or break at cutting depths deeper than one inch in certain materials. It works best in softer wooden materials, but it cannot be used as easily on harder materials. Some people have also experienced a loss of rotations per minute after a few uses, even on softer materials.

Additionally, the blade that comes with the set is not very durable. It can be replaced with stronger models, but the original blade struggles after a few tasks. This situation is especially true for harder wood materials. Sometimes, this saw will start smoking if it is used for too long or is pushed too hard through certain materials. Therefore, serious DIY projects or large carpentry products might not be the best idea for this saw. If it is being used for smaller cutting tasks around the home, like making picture frames or trimming some softer wood materials, then it should operate just fine.

At the same time, there are some concerns about having enough room between the handle and the blade depth guide. This situation can cause users to cut their knuckles during use, which can pose a safety hazard. With the right replacement blade, this saw is a good choice for people who like to do small projects around their homes.

Best Circular Saw: Conclusion

These are some of the ten best values when it comes to purchasing the best circular saw. The best option, though, is the DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Saw with Electric Brake. It provides all of the features people need at the best value. Going with cheaper models can equal buying worse-off materials that might not have the same power as this model. Therefore, going with a slightly more expensive model can make a better purchase in the long run as blades, and the saw itself would not have to be purchased over time.